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grumpyduck's Journal
grumpyduck's Journal
December 1, 2021

Good free email?

I like to get my ducks lined up way ahead of time, so here goes.

Got a notice from Gmail this morning that starting Dec 8 they'll go to two-step authentication. "Watch your cell phone for a code after you enter your password." Didn't say anything about it being an option. So, if it turns out it's not an option, I'm going to drop Gmail.

So I'm shopping around for ideas. I already use Outlook for a volunteer org I belong to, so that's a possibility. But I'd appreciate any leads.


November 30, 2021

I am so sick of all these website cookies.

Seems you can't get on a web site anymore without a "cookie policy" notice. Don't want cookies? You can't get in.

When I want cookies, I go buy some and have them with coffee. In the meantime, my browsers are set up to delete cookies and other bullshit every time I close, and I go thru them manually now and then anyway.

I don't give a rat's ass about "your" cookie policies, assholes. "Better online experience" is flat-out bullshit. My policy is, it's my computer and I don't want your fucking cookies.

So you can shove your cookies up your rear ends.

Whew. Sorry, but that felt good.

November 24, 2021

Can the judge in the KR trial be subject to an ethics complaint

for taking phone calls during the trial?

Whether or not they were from tfg, it seems inappropriate for a judge to do this.

November 20, 2021

Question for you politics and history buffs.

We've been hearing all about the bullshit in Washington for several years now, and many of us agree that the media is pushing bad news and controversy because it sells.

So... are these times really a new chapter in the decline of democracy? IOW, are these repuke assholes really the worst ever, or has this happened before and we just hear more about it now because of technology? I remember the police brutality problems in the mid-sixties, and the stories about Watergate, and reading about Joe McCarthy in history books, and such, but I don't remember being as inundated with bad news previously as we are now.

What made me think of this was a news clip about Kevin McAsshole doing the longest speech ever to delay the BBB vote. That clip reminded me of a football commentator: "THAT WAS THE LONGEST PASS EVER!"

So, are we being treated to a bunch of media hype because history is repeating itself, or are we really in trouble?

November 19, 2021

All these news clips and threads about tfg having meltdowns...

I wish we could do more to have him have daily or twice-daily meltdowns. A lot of us did for four years.

November 10, 2021

An un-American question...

Does anyone else find football announcers and commentators annoying? That tone of voice all the time -- I can just imagine them at home:


Meanwhile the color commentator: "This is the fifth time this week Fluffy has tried that play. He's really made an improvement from when he was a kitten... "


I dunno, I've never been all that much of a sports fan, but I can figure out for myself what's happening. Turning the volume down helps, but wondering if anyone else here feels the same way.

November 5, 2021

Is "thinking things through" a lost art?

More and more over the past few years, I see people making decisions apparently by shooting from the hip, with no consideration of results or consequences. I see it at work all the time, and it's noticeable mostly because those decisions either cause problems later or need to be changed (again by shooting from the hip) when it's realized that they don't work.

So I'm wondering if this is a generational thing or just how some elements of our society are moving forward.

November 3, 2021

Do politicians ever bother reading history?????

George Washington didn't win the war by playing nice-nice with the British. The North Vietnamese didn't kick ass by playing nice-nice with us. The Afghans have been kicking ass for centuries by not playing nice-nice. And there are other examples. And the repukes are doing the same.

Do our elected representatives bother noticing?

It's time to grab the bull by the short hairs, folks.

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