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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
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Is Mitch the one who is compromised by Russia?

Okay, I'm going way out on this one, but, reading between the lines all this time, it seems that Mitch is the one who's driving the bus while Donald gets all the attention.

Putin may be many things, but he's a smart cookie. I have to believe that he's been using Donald as a useful idiot - a distraction - while Mitch is working behind the lines to do what Putin wants. Magicians call it misdirection, and it works. And the MSM is buying it hook line and sinker.

IMHO, Mitch needs to be investigated. And Donald needs to be ignored.

Do one-third of Americans really want an autocratic government,

or are they just too ignorant to know what an autocratic government is?

Are some T supporters just... brainwashed?

Brainwashed is a strong word, and I'm not using it lightly.

However, thinking about the political stuff my Republican friend has been sending me now and then for a couple of years, there's been a pattern. The vast majority hasn't been pro-T: it's been anti-Democratic. It hasn't been about good stuff the GOP is doing, it's been about bad stuff the Democrats "are going to do." It hasn't been about GOP policies, it's been about how bad the Democrats are. It hasn't been about supporting the GOP, it's been about fearing and hating the Democrats.

BTW, I said "some" because we know some politicians just want to stay in power (or are afraid of his tweets), as do some government officials and corporate muck-a-mucks who just want the money.

I propose we rename the Covid-19 virus

to the Trump-19 virus.

Another employee quits Facebook: the company "is on the wrong side of history."


Bravo. Another MSM piece on the company and its political leanings. Now let's have more of them.

Has the GOP pretty much abandoned T?

Some days ago I wrote a post commenting on how the DNC had a lot of elected officials as speakers, while the RNC had only a handful of T's cronies (Moscow Mitch, the guy with the cow, and a few others), while the rest of the speakers came from other fields. And some of your responses -- along with the lack of response from Congressional Republicans to T's denigration of the military -- got me thinking.

Is it possible they have pretty much decided they don't want their names to be associated with him in any way shape or form, and only consider him a useful idiot to help them stay in power? After all, the MSM has been focusing so much on him recently that they have pretty much ignored Congress. These members of Congress are politicians, so maybe they figure if the MSM continues to pay attention to him, they will leave the GOP alone to do whatever it wants to do.

Recent violence: Rwingers posing as Lwingers?

I've been trying to take a little break from the daily onslaught of stories about protests and such, so I may have missed this.

However, I totally suspect that a fair amount of the violence has been instigated by extremist right wingers pretending to be left wingers so the left would get the blame. Now, I'm entitled to my opinion, but that's all it is right now: an opinion.

So, have any of you seen any real proof (not opinions or propaganda) about this? I'm looking for links, articles, etc. in reliable sources.

Thanks much.

Remember tarring and feathering?

Man, would I love to see a whole procession of "those people" run out of town on rails.

One thing T is doing right

(for us, anyway) is alienating the military.

Between active service members, former service members, families, and friends, there are a heckuva lot of voters out there.

So keep alienating them, you fucking LOSER.

I was at the gas station yesterday and there was a guy in uniform in front of me. I went over and thanked him and we started talking a bit. Then I mentioned I'd been an E6 many years ago and he thanked me for my service.

I cant help it. Every time I see someone in a military uniform I have to go over and thank them.

Something interesting about the DNC and the RNC.

I didn't watch either one, but just out of curiosity I looked up the speakers at both.

The DNC was loaded with members of Congress, a couple of governors, and other government officials. The RNC had just a handful of elected officials (Gaetz, Jordan, Moscow Mitch, and a few others), but most speakers were people from other walks of life.

Now, I can understand that maybe the RNC lineup was deliberately this way in order to appeal to 45's base, but, still, it seems a little strange that more elected officials weren't there. So here's a rhetorical question: weren't they invited, or did they not want to be there?
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