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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
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From "Dilbert:" Boom.

I know... I know... Scott Adams is such and such. However, as a long-time corporate type, I can totally relate to a good chunk of his cartoons. So here's today's, from my Dilbert 2020 Desk Calendar:

Manager: People tell me you're underperforming.

Dilbert: Did you hear it from anyone credible?

Manager: No, but I know it's true because my gut tells me it's true.

Dilbert: I'm curious where you stick your head to listen to your gut?

Maybe I missed this, but do we know for sure there was a laptop?

Has anyone besides the rag sheet seen it?

A big shout-out to the folks who post animal videos here!

They are a refreshing break from the general tone of the news nowadays. We all need a smile now and then.

So, did Barrett answer ANY questions?

I don't have the stomach to watch those hearings, but it seems the reports all pretty much say she weaseled out of answering most questions.

Did she answer any?

Once more: the GOP and 45 must think their followers are morons.

Given all this bullshit they're farting, they must really have a low opinion of their supporters if they think they'll believe it outright.

Granted, those who only follow Fox and similar outlets will. But there are plenty of smart Republicans out there who are getting turned off by it.

Keep losing them, loser.

Turns out Adolf Hitler was a tax evader too.

I was looking for something to watch the other night and found a series of documentaries on Amazon Prime titled "Last Secrets of the Third Reich." The first one, "Hitler's Money" was about how he accumulated a fortune partly by... wait for it... not paying taxes:

The self-propagated myth of the noble, selfless 'Führer', who was ready to make sacrifices in the service of his people, is as persistent as it is false. Today we can prove how Hitler dipped into public funds and was given access to vast sums of money for his personal use. Far from the image of the frugal leader, Hitler profited from his position and became a very wealthy man.

Now, granted, he made a lot of money out of Mein Kampf, and probably wasn't the only dictator to evade taxes, but it just seems so apropos right now.

Weird guy habit?

Okay, guys, time to fess up...

I've noticed over the years that I have this weird habit of wiping my hand on my pants leg when I touch some things. Like when I pet an animal (even our own cats), or touch a door handle in a public rest room, my hand automatically goes to my pants leg. And I've even noticed I do it at the dinner table when the cat comes over to get petted.

Sure, how hygienic of me, right?

The darn thing is, it happens so fast I don't even realize it until after I do it.

Anybody else here do this?

Whoops: "Mitch McConnell Whacks White House Over Lax Coronavirus Protocols"

From Huffpost:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) suggested on Thursday that the White House could do a better job of taking precautions against the coronavirus, following a possible superspreader event that may have led to the infections of President Donald Trump, the first lady, several Republican senators and dozens of White House aides last month.

McConnell, who is notoriously loath to criticize Trump or break with him in any way, said he’s personally avoided visiting the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue because of the White House’s lax virus protocols.

“I actually haven’t been to the White House since August the 6th because my impression was their approach to how to handle this is different from mine and what I insisted that we do in the Senate, which is to wear a mask and practice social distancing,” the 78-year-old majority leader said at an event in Kentucky.

“If any of you have been around me since May the 1st, I’ve said, ‘Wear your mask. Practice social distancing.’ ... Now, you’ve heard of other places that have had a different view, and they are, you know, paying the price for it,” he added at another event.


Dear mr trump: you've said you hate losers.

Well, donald, I hate to point it out, but your behavior over the past few months, and especially over the past couple of weeks, is that of a loser.

Your temper tantrums, and your blaming others for your failures, are what losers do because that's all they have to resort to.

Your continual attacks on the Democrats, with nothing to back them up, mark you as a loser.

The GOP supported you for four years because you were a distraction -- a useful idiot -- that they could call on while they worked under the radar. Now some GOPers are distancing themselves from you because you are no longer an asset but a liability to them. You have single-handedly managed to turn a lot of people off to the GOP. And the GOP doesn't want to associate itself with a loser.

Even everyday Americans, don, have been reported to take down their trump signs and put up Biden signs. They are on to your lies to them and to what you have done to their country. They don't want to vote for a loser.

A few people at Fox have called you out. Fox is your favorite network. What's up with that? They see you as a loser.

What's next? Hannity and Carlson throwing you under the bus when Murdock realizes they're losing market share because people don't want to listen to their bullshit any more? Yeah, even Murdoch might think you're a liability.

And, of course, you're terrified that this image you've built over the years will collapse.

Your buddy Putin? Well, you know how they do things in Russia when someone pisses them off.

So, donnie, what's next for you? Keep showing the world you're a loser? You hate losers. You said so yourself. Maybe you hate yourself. That never ends well.

Paraphrasing the late Robin Williams...

who said once, "if you don't believe God gets stoned, take a look at a platypus."

Or words to that effect. So...

If you don't believe God has a sense if humor, look at that fly.
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