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grumpyduck's Journal
grumpyduck's Journal
March 12, 2020

New species discovered

Now and then "they" discover that a species that had already been discovered is actually two separate ones. Well, this has finally happened with us: it turns out that Homo sapiens sapiens is actually two separate species. The one we all know about is Homo sapiens sapiens, and the other one is Homo unsapiens ignoramus. And that second one is more prevalent than "they" ever thought.

Not The Onion: me.

I've noticed this over the past couple of years with all the POtuS supporters and such, but this morning, at the supermarket, I believe I ran into a member of this other species.

There was a bicycle with a trailer perked right in front of the door, along with another bicycle. A woman was standing there ranting about how someone had just tried to go in the exit, and was going on and on about "Exit" and "Entrance," and saying, "Did we forget to take our smart pills this morning?" Just then a lady comes out the exit with a handful of items and puts them in the trailer. Then they both get on their bikes and head out. I don't know if they were together, although it seemed like they were.

But yeah, I do have to believe, in my totally un-scientific viewpoint, that at least of them belonged to Homo unsapiens ignoramus.

February 21, 2020

I refuse to read or listen to anything by or about him

A few months ago I realized I couldn't even look at his photo in the news -- I had to scroll down to hide his face and just read the headline. Then later I realized I couldn't even get myself to say his name. Just now I realized I haven't read or watched anything about him over the past three weeks or so.

And I've been a lot happier for it.

I just hope the Great Gods of Karma hit him with everything they've got -- and then some.

February 5, 2020

All this bashing among the Dem candidates makes me sick.

Ok, I detest politicians. About twenty years ago I spent the better part of nine years working closely with elected and appointed officials on various government architectural projects, and often on two or three projects at a time. One recurring theme came out at every single meeting I had with these people, whether it was one-on-one, or as a group, or at a town hall: every question they asked, every comment they made, every decision they made, was based on "will this get me re-elected?" It took me a while to catch on, but, once I did, it was clear as crystal. It made me sick.

Now I'm seeing the same thing. Given the dangerous state our nation is in, I would like to think our candidates would be more interested in the nation's future than in securing their own power. But all this bashing and divisiveness makes me think otherwise. And it scares me.

February 2, 2020

This may be un-American, but

I don't like watching football on TV. For one thing, too many commercials for my taste.

But I also don't like having two people talking at me for the whole game. And yes, I know I can tun the volume off, but that's not always a choice when watching with someone else, and sometimes you just want to watch with friends.

I don't need the play-by-play: I can see what happened, especially with all the instant replays. But I especially don't care for the color commentators, and I think it's mostly their tone of voice. I can just imagine some of these guys at home, going to the fridge for some milk for their coffee, and saying, in that game voice, "Dear, Junior finished off the milk again, and it's the third time this week he's done that. Last time it was a quarter-full, and the week before it was an eighth. He has an average of six times a month this year, and last year his average was twice a month... "

Now, if I could just find a CD (or something) of just plain stadium noise, I could turn off the volume during the game and play that instead.

February 1, 2020

Is anybody investigating McTurtle and Graham?

Just seems they've stayed under the radar all this time, given all the other investigations. There may be absolutely nothing on them, but it would appear that, under the circumstances, somebody would think about the possibility.

I hope Amy McGrath kicks McTurtle's sorry scumbag ass out all the way to the Andromeda galaxy.

February 1, 2020

Is Nancy still playing chess?

One can only hope.

January 30, 2020

Any Roku users here?

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but it's the closest I could find.

I received a Roku unit as a gift a few years ago and plugged it into our fairly new flat screen TV. Worked fine for a while, then we started getting the HDCP error screen. So each time I followed the instructions (basically, unplug everything and plug it back) and got it working again. This happened several times over a period of maybe a couple of months, then suddenly it was working fine.

More recently, we plugged it into a brand-new flat-screen TV. Fine for a few months, then the error screen started again. So I went back to the plug/unplug drill, but over the past few weeks the error screen has come up three to four times over a period of maybe an hour and a half. Sometimes, if I just give it a couple of minutes, it goes back to showing the program.

I've looked for solutions online and on the Roku web site, but they basically just say to do what I've been doing all along.

Could it be a defective unit, or do these things just crap out after a few years so you go out and buy a new one, or is there a "real" solution to this?

Thank you.

January 29, 2020

I can think of another question for the Dems to ask

How stupid do you think the American public is?

January 25, 2020

Conservatives: "Democrats haven't mentioned one thing Trump did that was illegal."

I've seen this comment online a bunch of times by now (only online -- I refuse to talk politics in person, even with other Democrats). And it really makes me wonder how many people who feel this way get their news from sources other than Fox. For instance, the word is that Fox did not cover the Democrats's actual opening statements.

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