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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,816

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I'm curious about something related to the riots: Dem cities vs Rep cities.

Something that Chicago's mayor mentioned -- I wonder how many of the riots are taking place in cities with Democratic mayors as opposed to Republican ones.

Hey, MSM, you have lots of highly-paid analysts and talking heads. Might this be something to look into, or do you feel that it's not news-worthy (i.e., that it won't generate ad revenue)?

Tin hat, anyone?

Hey, MSM, have you forgotten about the pandemic?

Just went on several MSM web sites. Hardly anything about the death toll. But lots of repetitive stuff about the riots.

Fine, the civil unrest is news too, and important news, but what about the people who continue dying?

Man, if I were a tin-hatter, I'd be screaming that this whole thing is being orchestrated by that PoS to distract from the pandemic.

Sure enough, another distraction.

I just checked several online news outlets, and, sure enough, the riots have taken over the headlines, pushing Covid-19 deaths "below the fold." Even that thing's sparring with Twitter is "above the fold."

Life as usual...

Releasing a draft of the EO about social media?

IMHO, this was just a way for the WH legal eagles to "smell the wind" before going any further. Possibly they wanted to be able to tell it not to proceed if it looks like there will be serious backlash.

But then again, hey, I'm not a politician, so what do I know?

Anyone use LibreOffice Base?

I'm trying to do something very simple, but having a heckuva time and getting nowhere with the Help system. I have several (three-column, nothing exotic) Excel sheets that I want to import into one table in Base in order to create a couple of simple reports. I have tried Cut and Paste per the Help system, but everything winds up in one cell in the table. I also tried (per the LibreOffice community forum) saving the Excel sheet as an .ODS file and then cutting/pasting, but it still doesn't work. All the field types match.

Can anyone help? I'm thinking either something is corrupted in my install or I'm missing one tiny simple little step somewhere.

Thanks much.

Has anyone kept a tally of how many people have died from taking Chloroquine

specifically to treat Covid-19?

Remember the gold stars in WWII? We need them now.

I'm thinking it may be time to do something like this for families of people who died from Covid-19. Maybe a black star with a gold or blue border. No need to sell them -- just do a web site where you can download it, print it, and hang it in the window. No donations required.

Of course, given the current regime, the site may need to be hosted outside of the US so the government can't force the owners to take it down.

Just received this from Photobucket

Just got this:

Image Hosting Is Not Permitted

We have detected that you are hosting images using a free tier account in violation of our terms of use. You can either purchase an unlimited hosting plan or immediately stop hosting.

Upgrade Now

or Break Your Hosting Links

If you select Upgrade Now, you are agreeing to purchase our unlimited hosting plan, with room for up to 25,000 original images and an ad free experience for just $5 per month for 6 months.

Verrry interesting... I used Photobucket for a few years before they decided to charge people for photos they had uploaded on a free account, but I wouldn't have a clue how to host photos, let alone what a "free tier" account is. So I'm wondering if it's a scam. I'm going to contact them directly thru their web site and see what happens. Obviously, no way I'm going to click on the links.

UPDATE: I just tried their web site, but there doesn't seem to be any way to contact them directly. So the hell with it.

My response to "why are you wearing a mask?"

So next time somebody asks me that, I'll say, "Well, see, I'm one of those moron idiot shit-for-brains assholes who really believes it's easier to prevent a fire than to put it out. So I'd rather wear this thing than find myself in a hospital plugged into a ventilator. Besides, I don't like hospital food."

Some people can be so fucking ignorant.

I went to pick up a take-out order, and a guy behind me was kvetching about the lockdown, going on and on about how "everyone" is pissed off, and how demonstrations are going to happen, and so on and on. Of course, he was the only one not wearing a mask in the small group.

Then he started in on how one of these days they're going to bring the trains in, and get people to board them on the promise of going to a better place to live. "Another Holocaust," he said.

Sometimes I wish someone would die and make me king: I would send these assholes somewhere where they would have to see how fucking dumb they are and beg me to get them outta there.
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