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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,583

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Is the cop having a meltdown at McD's a fake?

I just went back and looked at this again.

She mentions the corner she's at, but nothing more. She's not wearing a badge but wearing the radio, which would mean she's still in uniform. The mike cable is over the star on her shirt, so we can't read it. Also, she's on the passenger seat according to her seat belt.


[edit] Or maybe not a cop but a security guard. That patch is embroidered.

Okay, so, why was Obama so bad?

Really. I see clips here and there of people saying Obama was the worst ever, but I haven't seen anything as to specifically why. Granted I'm not on social media, so I miss a lot of the chatter, but I'm just really curious as to what RWingers are saying. Or if there are any specifics.

Moderators: I'm not asking DUers to post RW talking points. My question can be answered without them.

Trump's tweet on the 75-year-old gentleman.

Just took another look at the tweet. "Provocateur?" T didn't write that. He doesn't use big words, let alone spell them correctly.

Sorry, just had to say that.

I missed the troll too, but

could it have been POtuS? He can tweet pretty fast

My local Home Depot has become quite the dating site.

They have stud finders, a contractor pick up area, and a curbside pick up area.

Who wouldathunk?

Lindsey's hair dye: could it be a call for help?

More wild-ass speculation here.

I've seen stuff about how the new do is real and about how it's just the lighting or something else, so I can't tell which way is up.

However, IF it's real, could it be a cry for help? Remember, this is speculation. Could it be that he's trying to get "turned out" (for lack of another word) so he can admit that he's gay and therefore not have POtuS have that on him? If he came right out, he'd be taking the blame, but if he's "turned out," he can use the "But I didn't do nothing, Mr. President and Komrade Vladimir Vladimirovich" defense.

If that were to happen, I'd advise Mr. Graham to avoid third-floor windows for a while.

Turns out Lindsey is a bachelor. Always has been.

Let me clear here: I don't care what anybody's private life is. The guy has a right to be gay if that's what he is. And he has a right to be a bachelor if he wants to.

My interest in this is very simple. If it's true that he's "Lady G," and if it's true that therefore POtuS is using that against him, then, if he gets outed, POtuS may lose his hold over him.

Graham was a very vocal critic of POtuS until that golf game in 2017 (and thanks to another DUer for the link to the CNN article). This could get very interesting.

The OS for my crystal ball isn't supported any more,

but what I think I'm seeing is that these protests are going to backfire on the assholes who want them to turn violent. More and more of them seem to be peaceful, and we're even seeing police mix with the protestors.

For those of you who can stand to listen to the PoS...

I can't stand to listen to it for a second, or even to look at its picture, so I have a question for those of you who can.

Is he starting to sound like Hitler? Voice, volume, inflection, language? Please, objective responses only.

Just curious, based on some of what I read here and on the MSM.

He may not even be in the WH any more.

Supposedly there are tunnels between the WH and nearby buildings, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Secret Service got him outta there.
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