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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,358

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Why is McTurtle under the radar again in the MSM?

POtuS is getting all the attention, while this little f*ing turdbucket is totally out of sight? He needs to be called out and shamed too.

MSM, ARE YOU LISTENING???????????????????

New species discovered

Now and then "they" discover that a species that had already been discovered is actually two separate ones. Well, this has finally happened with us: it turns out that Homo sapiens sapiens is actually two separate species. The one we all know about is Homo sapiens sapiens, and the other one is Homo unsapiens ignoramus. And that second one is more prevalent than "they" ever thought.

Not The Onion: me.

I've noticed this over the past couple of years with all the POtuS supporters and such, but this morning, at the supermarket, I believe I ran into a member of this other species.

There was a bicycle with a trailer perked right in front of the door, along with another bicycle. A woman was standing there ranting about how someone had just tried to go in the exit, and was going on and on about "Exit" and "Entrance," and saying, "Did we forget to take our smart pills this morning?" Just then a lady comes out the exit with a handful of items and puts them in the trailer. Then they both get on their bikes and head out. I don't know if they were together, although it seemed like they were.

But yeah, I do have to believe, in my totally un-scientific viewpoint, that at least of them belonged to Homo unsapiens ignoramus.
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