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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
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Is anybody else fed up with candidates bashing opponents?

Yes, I know it's a long-standing SOP, but it seems the vast majority of political stuff we get in the mail (and we get a lot) consists of the candidate telling us how bad/dishohest/clueless his or her opponent is. To me, this is just a way of getting your name out there without saying anything about yourself. IOW, hot air. And a waste of money donated to the campaigns.

I first noticed this way back in college when somebody was running (I think it was Ted Kennedy), and it seemed like all he ever said was what a jerk the other guy was. It left a crappy taste in my mouth that keeps coming up.

I can't even look at this bashing crap anymore. It just goes directly from the mailbox to the recycle bin - althought sometimes I think it belongs in the garbage.

"I can do it but you can't."

With all this talk about white male entitlement, I find it fascinating that some people feel it's okay for them to do something, but not okay for someone else to do the exact same thing. I first noticed it as a little kid, then saw it in school, college, work, and other activities, and it had nothing to do with rank or age. For instance:

"You left the light on."

"You left it on too."

Silence for a moment, then, mumbled, "That's different."

I've seen people get incredibly defensive over this, and it doesn't seem to sink in. Fascinating.
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