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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 12:51 PM
Number of posts: 3,920

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HuffPost: Penguins get confused too

From HuffPost:

Have trouble telling penguins apart?

You’re not alone: Apparently, penguins can get just as confused as us, as this video from the Falkland Islands shows:


Question about GOPers on House or Senate floor

The MSM seems to focus on their whining, making dumb comments, and bashing Democrats, but I rarely hear anything about them making a case for their stances, aside from McConnell.

I've tried reading the Congressional Record to find out, but practically fell asleep. So, for you folks who follow this closely (and I know this is a very generalized question), do these people actually make cases for their issues?

I don't think hannity and carlson are necessarily playing to RWNJs.

It occurred to me a few days ago: they are actually playing to people who are angry at the world and want something to be angry about; to people who distrust other people; to people who feel entitled and are afraid of losing their entitlement; to racists.

Hitler took an ancient symbol -- the swastika -- and turned it into a unifying visual device for people who distrusted the current government and wanted something different. I think what h and c (and Fox itself) are doing is just the opposite: they created a symbol (the Democrats) to get these people unified and pissed off. And, because the media is all about making money, they keep giving them stuff to piss them off so they keep coming back and watching the commercials.

The funny thing is that RWNJs in power or "high up" in business or government probably don't watch Fox. They're too busy making money. They just rely on "the masses" to stay pissed off at the Democrats so they will vote for the Republicans.

Maybe it's a weird idea, but I think it makes sense in a twisted way.

Mitch is Minority Leader!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if this has been posted already, but I had to say it.

Can we please stop saying its name for the rest of the day?

I know we're all major excited to see it go, but it would sure be nice to not see its name here for the rest of the day.

My fantasy about donnie's last day.

If the plane hasn't landed in FL by the time Biden's sworn in, they re-route it to Gitmo.

It seems donnie threw the Capitol mob under the bus again.

That last speech: I couldn't watch it, but read part of the transcript. He said "no true supporter" could do what they did.

That's gotta piss you off if you're one of them and have more than an ounce of brain. I hope it pisses a lot of them off.

Well, geez, if this fiasco splits up the GOP,

I'll be very concerned, as Susan would say.

I love it when the MSM says someone is "considering" something.

All that the people "considering" something are really doing is smelling the wind.

Is it possible that lindsey et al are just afraid of donnie's base?

For graham, hawley, and others to still hang in there makes me wonder if they're doing so just to avoid repercussions from their followers.

These people would switch direction at the drop of a molecule, so, yeah, I'd be curious.
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