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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,290

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Wild-ass idea about all these GOP hangers-on.

So we know all these assholes are hanging on and wanting to throw out the vote. But why? Saying they're assholes doesn't cut it for me. That's a given, but what do they want?

Is it possible that they've become so accustomed to the GOP getting everything they want -- and so complacent about it -- that they're just afraid they'll lose it all now? Given the scandals about lawmakers, money under the table, and similar stuff, are they just desperate to hang on to "safety?"

It's almost like, "screw the country and my oath of office -- I'm in this for me."

Are judges in the battleground states and their law cleks

consuming more alcohol than they normally do?

Given the shit they've had to plow through recently, man, if it were me, I'd be going through that Scotch like crazy.

Why would someone want a pardon if they've done no wrong?

This just struck me yesterday.

I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools. Part of our "drill" was to go to confession now and then to ask forgiveness for "bad" stuff we did. The idea was that going was an admission that we sinned. If we honestly didn't feel we had sinned, we didn't need to go.

So, using the same logic (I know... I know...) why would they be talking about pardons if they didn't really think they had done anything bad?

I would love to see the MSM point this out if they haven't already, although of course that would skew the spins.

A question for Marines on DU

I've been wondering about this for years, and just now it occurred to me to ask...

The TV series NCIS features a character (Gibbs) who is a former Marine gunny and sniper and often alludes to it. Just curious as to how real Marines may feel about his portrayal and the nature of the series in general.

I happen to be a fan, but wondering about others.

Conversation with a Republican friend.

I've mentioned this guy before: we've been friends for about fifty years and rarely talk politics. But a recent conversation got me thinking.

The few times I've let him (briefly) talk politics over the past few years, his focus has been on the Democrats, not the Republicans, as in how bad the Democrats are. In fact, I can't recall one instance in which he talked about why he specifically agreed with Republican policies, or with Trump. And I'm saying "I can't recall" because I know I would have responded.

Now this guy was a successful businessman until he retired a few years ago, so he's no dummy. It makes me wonder just how many conservatives may fall into the "I hate Democrats" category instead of the "I agree with Republicans" one, due to where they get their news and commentary. It really does.

I don't want to use the term "brainwashed" here. But, if people like him focus on why they dislike something instead of why they like the opposite, I really have to wonder what's going on in their heads.

[Edit]: After reading a few of the posts below, I have to wonder how much of the Republican or Trump agendas and issues some of these people actually know or understand. Can they even discuss them?
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