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Member since: Sat Dec 16, 2017, 01:51 PM
Number of posts: 5,290

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It seems donnie threw the Capitol mob under the bus again.

That last speech: I couldn't watch it, but read part of the transcript. He said "no true supporter" could do what they did.

That's gotta piss you off if you're one of them and have more than an ounce of brain. I hope it pisses a lot of them off.

Well, geez, if this fiasco splits up the GOP,

I'll be very concerned, as Susan would say.

I love it when the MSM says someone is "considering" something.

All that the people "considering" something are really doing is smelling the wind.

Is it possible that lindsey et al are just afraid of donnie's base?

For graham, hawley, and others to still hang in there makes me wonder if they're doing so just to avoid repercussions from their followers.

These people would switch direction at the drop of a molecule, so, yeah, I'd be curious.

Does it seem that Americans are fond of waiting for the horse to leave the barn

before they close the door?

All these reports that the Capitol Police and others were warned ahead of time seem to be part of a repeating pattern over the years.

Well, my senator didn't disappoint.

Last week I sent her a letter suggesting that, in the coming months, Congress or the courts figure out what to do about a sitting president who violates a law, i.e., have the authority to indict him or her. I also mentioned that this whole incident has been an embarrassment to the US on the global stage.

As expected, this morning I received a form letter reply which had nothing to do with what I wrote.

Moderators: I am not bashing a Dem - I'm simply reporting what happened.

I would really, really love to see donnie

get up there and declare that the earth is flat and the run revolves around it.

I would then totally expect hordes of his followers to start yelling "fuck science" and "they've been lying to us all this time."

Far-fetched for sure, but weird-ass-ier things have probably happened.

Are QAnon-ers on quaaludes?

Is that where the name comes from? Asking for a friend.

(and just to make sure: )

Serious question about the GOP

Okay, I know most of us are beyond pissed off by now, but I'm looking for serious answers, please.

A lot of you follow the news and chatter far more than I do, so I'm curious about something. From where I sit, most of what I hear about the GOP is Democrat-bashing, but I rarely seem to hear anything about their plans or policies. I know... I know...

How much has been in the MSM about GOP policies or about their plans to do something for the country? I know about Mnuchin and DeVos, but has there been anything else concrete, on a regular basis?


I wish the media would stop calling these people a militia.

They're not a militia. Look it up online.

These people are a sorry clusterfuck excuse for a mob of shithead assholes.
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