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Member since: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 11:38 AM
Number of posts: 478

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Question about Youtube subscriptions

I just had to unsubscribe to about 25 channels I never subscribed to! Question: how did they get into my subscribed list to begin with?
Don't tell me " you must have done it and forgotten." Most of them I NEVER would have subscribed to. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

That settles it...I've got to go to Italy again.

Saw Book Club 2 last night. Not as funny as the first one, but some wonderful Italy scenes.

Some juncos laid eggs in a pot on my porch

I was so excited. Then the eggs were gone. I suspect other birds got them, because I saw some in the area. This happened last year in a hanging pot on the patio. But they have now laid more eggs!
I want to protect them, but how? I know I probably shouldn't try to interfere but I feel so bad for the parents. Should I just butt out and let nature take it's course?

RW media reporting higher mortgage rates for good credit buyers

Anybody see this? Newsnation and Fox are reporting people with high credit rating will pay higher rates to offset those with lower ratings. Doesn't make sense, if true, in year before an election.

Loving Longmire!

I'm rewatching this series. It's a good one.
My only issue with it is it's filmed in such dark lighting. Hard to see who is fighting who. Anyway, give it a look.

You know that baseball bat post Trump did?

I wonder who's doing that for him. You know damn well he can't put together something like that himself.

Question about setting up Sirius in home

I'm "technically challenged" and am trying to set up sirius radio in my home. My account allows for my car (love it!) and streaming. Got a sirius in home kit and a speakers docking box. Called sirius to set up inhome account. I set the receiver in the dock, fired it up, got the channels to show up. Had to adjust antenna in south window. Got 100% reception for satelite.
All this, and no sound!
First of all, why south facing window? Am I looking for more sunlight, or to connect to a satelite? Second, why no sound if I have full satelite connection? I don't have a teenager around to help me. Any suggestions? Thanks.

George Harrison would be 80 today!

My god, time flies.

The crazies are everywhere

Had an Electrolux guy come over for a servicing. I mentioned my pending trip to Canada. He said, well don't shoot at any balloons. Ha ha. That it's ridiculous to say they are from China, when China can spy on us in more sophisticated ways. Because actually, "they" are promoting a UFO frenzy, keeping us scared, so "they" can come along and save us all, thereby attaining world domination. I asked who "they" are. "Biden, Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Oh, and the Pope." Okaaaaaaay. Yipes.

I got 3 hearts!

Thank you so much!!
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