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Name: Mouse de la Soul
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Dec 9, 2017, 01:41 PM
Number of posts: 2,275

Journal Archives

MIT prof: We're now 3rd World.

Elizabeth Warren, Robert Reich, Bernie Sanders, Warren Buffet and Hilllary are ALL right. And it was said succinctly by Bill Cinton: "It's the economy stupid."

AND ACCORDING TO AN MIT ECONOMIST (see link below) THIS IS NOT A RADICAL FRINGE IDEA: Structurally we're already a "3rd World" Country and Democrats need to address the "common good" and gross economic inequality. Speaking for myself, but I know others are already there:

Democrats are for the common good, not a minority of well-to-do economic elites. This means a strong, effective infrastructure for a PEOPLE'S economy. Increase money for education and roads, decrease loopholes for the rich.

AND AFTER THAT SINKS IN: Stop scapegoating women, African Americans, immigrants, the press, even the environment. The real problem is extreme economic inequality which affects EVERYBODY.

Link to article: https://www.themaven.net/theintellectualist/news/study-by-mit-economist-u-s-has-regressed-to-a-third-world-nation-for-most-of-its-citizens-Sb5A5HZ1rUiXavZapos30g
Posted by DemocracyMouse | Sat Mar 10, 2018, 02:08 PM (2 replies)


The wave of Democratic activism is intensifying. It's like a fire, a blue fire.

Long live the BLUEFIRE! May it grow in resolve and depth.... and produce votes, cultural change and the building of new democratic institutions, apps, businesses, language and systems.

And may it be shared across generations and discussed – gasp! – over dinner (as we did tonight with two sets of parents and four children between us).
Posted by DemocracyMouse | Sun Mar 4, 2018, 02:38 AM (1 replies)

Blue VOTEFIRE: Rebooting the 50 State Solution and FDR

Democrats are STARVING for a 50 state BLUE VOTEFIRE and FDR-type progress.

See Dailykos: https://m.dailykos.com/stories/1745590

Enough with paying millions to pricey consultants and wasting millions on television ads.

1) Give people a reason to vote by forcefully supporting FDR’s legacy and pushing health care for all, Medicare and Social Security untouched, without any apologies. Oh, and tax the snot out of the billionaires for good measure.

2) Contact every single eligible voter and let them know Democrats will fight for them against the Oligarchs and their Russian puppet-masters.
Posted by DemocracyMouse | Fri Mar 2, 2018, 01:57 AM (1 replies)

Ivanka's dirty secret in Panama

Ivanka is a prop in one hell of a sordid, international con. This report in Think Progress is astounding. The Trumps are more corrupt than I fully realized. Their oily ways are Biblical in scale:


The president’s and his daughter’s Panamanian construct, Trump Ocean Beach, was once described by Ivanka as her family’s “largest project in all of the Americas.”

In a report published last week, Global Witness details how the building to which Trump leased his name helped launder “proceeds from Colombian cartels’ narcotics trafficking.” And as Global Witness found, Donald Trump himself “was one of the beneficiaries” of such laundering practices. Information available from a bonds sales prospectus revealed that the Trump Organization would see revenue from every unit sold at Trump Ocean Club.

Even if Trump and Ivanka were somehow unaware that the building served as a spigot for laundering cartel cash, it would have been difficult to miss the signs that Trump Ocean Club — set up during the years that Panama came into its own as an offshore haven — was being used for money laundering on a massive scale.
Posted by DemocracyMouse | Thu Mar 1, 2018, 01:25 AM (8 replies)

My new term for Republicans and "conservatives":


They certainly aren't conservatives (since they don't actually conserve anything – i.e. national parks and traditional New Deal legislation). And recent psychological profiles of so-called "conservatives" shows that such folks are distinguished by fear and simplistic thinking.

Yes, it sounds like sci fi, but we have entered a kind of Twilight Zone where none of the old labels are working. These people, these fanatical fearoids, support extremist positions on assault rifles, tax policies serving only multimillionaires, and believe Jesus condones sexual assault and white supremacy. "Reactionary" is not accurate enough a term. Until someone finds me a better term I'm sticking with fanatical fearoid.
Posted by DemocracyMouse | Wed Feb 28, 2018, 06:09 PM (1 replies)

Professor amazed: today's "conservatives" aren't actually conservative.

Jeffrey P. Kimball, Miami University professor emeritus, has finally articulated what has been needling me for years. So-called "conservatives" should be conserving the New Deal, national parks, polite manners, and other longstanding US traditions. They aren't, in fact, conserving much of anything – especially under the current Russian puppet despoiling the Whitehouse. Referring to dictionary definitions of conservative, Kimball states in Raw Story:

These definitions are unhelpful and misleading. Self-proclaimed political and social conservatives are not necessarily inclined to support or maintain the “traditional” social order – that is, long-standing majority views, conditions, institutions, or legislation. These include government regulation of corporations, banks, and Wall Street, progressive income taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, civil rights, voting rights, environmental regulations, and public-lands conservation. Self-identified conservatives also oppose other traditional institutions, practices, and measures, such as the United Nations, international standards for the treatment of prisoners of war, labor unions, collective bargaining, fair labor standards, and, for some, public fluoridation of water. The measures conservatives oppose were legislated, created, or practiced 50 to 100 or more years ago.

Posted by DemocracyMouse | Tue Feb 27, 2018, 01:02 AM (6 replies)

Ideals are central, not peripheral

We sometimes treat ideals as silly and impossible to implement. Some, like making all blizzards go away, certainly are ridiculous. But maybe we should separate the silly from the realistic and treat the formation and vivid articulation of achievable ideals as a critical operating system at the center of the hive mind.

Take democracy and the abolition of slavery. These were once considered out of reach, but became a standard for much of the world. Initially they had to be promoted as achievable – repeatedly – but what this framing did was actually quite critical to the functioning of group mind: a positive, well-defined ideal may actually function as a memetic seed or operating system... it provides a vivid, and achievable blueprint for the future. It isn't pie-in-the-sky at all. Ideals are actually necessary for a functioning society.

Here are some examples of how well-defined ideals actually leverage change:

– Women claiming their rights by marching in the streets during the women's suffrage movement. They embodied the concept of women's collective power and the institutionalization of the same came about: voting rights for women.

– A vision of scientifically advanced black culture in the new film Black Panther is breaking box office records and giving African American children new kinds of role models.

– The Parkland massacre survivors stating with intense emotion that enough is enough. It has catalyzed a ripple of sentiment for a ban on assault rifles and the linking of Republicans with funding from the NRA. These kids' vision of change is more likely to bring about change in gun laws than any efforts by the more wonkish set before them. They have fearlessly and passionately framed the ideal and it is working.

– Philosophical discussions about the usefulness of ideals (like this one) being swept up in the Democratic Underground and reminding us all that change comes through a combination of ideal-setting (philosophy and culture), platform articulation (social science and policy wonks), and action (everyone voting).

Posted by DemocracyMouse | Mon Feb 26, 2018, 12:37 PM (3 replies)

Really? We're falling for it?

Just witnessed, and rolled my eyes at, yet another Bernie v Hillary sandbox fight. The trolls did their wee divisive meddling during the campaign, and they are doing it now by getting everyone's panties in a twist.

My recollection of the primaries is that Bernie and Hillary were a gazillion times more considerate towards one another – at least in the debates and advertising – than the Republicans. They focused on issues that mattered. They learned from each other. ...Yes, there were DNC screw ups and games, but nothing remotely like the Republican mud fight —like Trump calling John McCain's service pointless because he happened to be captured. The Democrats did nothing like Trump calling all immigrants (except his German ancestors) rapists. Good grief.

All this divisive blather seems to be spiked by either Russian trolls, Republican trolls (who picked up the modality), or Democrats who just like a good, stupid fight.

Posted by DemocracyMouse | Sat Feb 24, 2018, 01:44 PM (6 replies)

Raw Story: Vocation-only schooling is a trap on many levels

This got my attention. Raw Story cites a podcast which correlates narrow-focus vocational colleges with tighter control over peasantry. Conservatives extol the virtues of such narrow schooling because "it's practical." But the real reason is that it keeps youth from thinking broadly like wisemen/women who would start to question why the USA has become so debased, so 3rd world, since Kennedy and Johnson.

Posted by DemocracyMouse | Sat Feb 24, 2018, 03:27 AM (36 replies)

A "well-regulated militia"???

Waiting for someone in the mainstream media to say what is CRAZY obvious:

1) The 2nd Amendment clearly states that a "well-regulated militia" is its goal. People, we don't actually have a "well-regulated militia" in the streets!!!

2) Furthermore, we don't have a "well-regulated militia" among the local police. Cell phones have begun to reveal the constant abuse, and tacit repression, of our BEAUTIFUL and long-suffering African American siblings.

3) The Pentagon is growing without restraint.

NONE of those martial domains are well-regulated. Therefore none are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Period. All three are worthy of a challenge in the Supreme Court. The 2nd Amendment was never intended to turn our streets, churches, schools indeed the world at large, into a war zone.

NOTE: That doesn't mean zero guns – although that SHOULD be a planetary goal. As long as human beings come outfitted with a reptile brain with its "fight or flight" impulses, we need to REGULATE the dangerous things. We've done it for automobiles, we can do it for guns.

Posted by DemocracyMouse | Thu Feb 22, 2018, 03:26 PM (21 replies)
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