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Member since: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 10:40 AM
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Verizon Fios Internet outage affecting Northeastern US

Source: BleepingComputer.com

Verizon Fios is experiencing an outage making it impossible to access many websites or causing them too operate to slowly to use properly use.

Starting at approximately 11:00 AM EST, Verizon Fios users found they were no longer able to access popular services, such as Google, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Azure, and even Verizon's own website and My verizon app to check for known outages.

Read more: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/technology/verizon-fios-internet-outage-affecting-northeastern-us/

Its really bad here near Wash DC. I switched to using my ATT IPhone hotspot.

Drivng along H street in front of Whitehouse today.

We drove around DC today and passed by the WH on H street which is the closest anyone can get to the WH these days. Here are a few shots of the fence on H street.

There were also lots of police cars everywhere. But no issues. It was a different vibe today in DC. People seemed to be upbeat for obvious reasons. There were lots of folks like us driving around and walking around the city just to take in the new feeling of optimism. It was a refreshing and uplifting feeling.

I wonder if the FBI relocation plan is back on the table now that Trump is gone.

I think the only reason it stalled was due to Trump not wanting a big hotel built on the current FBI location that would compete with his hotel and I think also to penalize the FBI for not doing what he wanted. It appeared to be entirely personal. Seems to me with Trump out the picture the plan will get revived.

Wow. I'm tearing up to this Springsteen song.

Love it.

The contrast between the Capitol just two weeks ago crawling with rioters and now is unreal.

It gives me goosebumps looking at it now. The feeling of dread has passed and now hopeful for the future.

Joint session just started.

Finally get this done!

This is the best I have felt in more than 4 years..

Feels like we have turned the corner and finally heading back in the right direction!

Thank you Georgia!!!

DrudgeReport headline.. Dems take total control!!!

The GA results look good to me so far.

Seems to me Democrats are over performing. Iím cautiously optimistic.
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