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Member since: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 09:40 AM
Number of posts: 5,905

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Turns out today was the perfect day to call the election.

Saturday, lovely weather in most parts of the country, people are converging in city centers to celebrate all over the nation. And will likely get larger and larger and continue throughout the day and night.

Itís a fabulous sight and feeling!

So is today the day?

I understand the caution but seems to me there is plenty of data to call all the remaining 4 closely watched states for Joe Biden.

Anybody watching Fox news? Wonder what they are saying.

I cant do it.

Mike Allen on MSNBC -- Trumpworld in chaos

He said incandescent rage is happening now within Trump campaign and officials within the administration.

This gives me so much pleasure.

Georgia is now light blue on all the maps!!!

Love it!

Unfortunately looks like the big call is not going to happen tonight.

Is that the way you all are seeing it?

Michigan! Biden lead just jumped to 46,000!

96% reporting
Biden: 49.7% 2,613,025
Trump: 48.8% 2,566,923

Joe's got this!

Ohio looking very good.

Kornaki going through the counties comparing Biden to Clinton 2016. Biden doing much better than Clinton in most cases. A win there and its over.

Texas is looking interesting.

I know itís early but Biden has a 14 point lead with about 25% in.

I am getting the feeling there are a ton of black folks voting today.

This could be like in 2008 when Obama inspired many to vote, especially younger voters.

This year it appears Trump is the inspiration!

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