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Member since: Sat Dec 2, 2017, 11:59 AM
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Don't forget Trump moved over 260 million from AIDS and Cancer research to jail children


Did Trump just say we need a wall of well trained people Does he think this is Game of Thrones

He does seem like a grown up King Joffrey

Future 45 should take down that terrible ad and the Ricketts family should be shamed publicly

that ad has definitely contributed to this horrible event

Baylor cited for lack of institutional control take that Ken Starr!!!

should be easy easy to find out who owns house where assault took place

the house the assault took place must have belonged to parents of one of the attendees. name was the mentioned in the calendar by Kavenaugh. These addresses of these four or five mentioned individuals could be easy to find and press should get on it if FBI won't or can't

So the main Complaint of the Prosecutor was they didn't have a FBI interview

Would make sense that Trump's Supreme Court Pick would become a Felon after he's confirmed.

just fits

L.A. times sits out their excuse about having differing views from NY times doesn't sit well with me

I woke up looking forward to reading a thoughtful view from my paper and i get a horrible piece about how they are doing nothing pretty sure i'm going to cancel http://www.latimes.com/opinion/la-ol-enter-the-fray-the-los-angeles-times-is-not-1534376775-htmlstory.html

Treasury say's banks are not financial services so they get pass through tax cut!


i guess they should be classified financial grifters i wonder if they scored the tax cut with banks this way they would need 60 votes. The damage from this is all for donations to the GOP

Trump just said we have the worst laws, an example of this is the loser of the vote is president

He's ruining my CSPAN tradition of watching the Correspondents Dinner on CSPAN they are showing that idiot instead
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