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Name: Dolores
Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: California
Member since: Thu Nov 30, 2017, 01:58 PM
Number of posts: 3,228

Journal Archives

Is a second American civil war really possible?



If we are, indeed, on the brink of a second Civil War, it’s already being waged as a “cold war,” with the occasional armed skirmish being provoked by the so-called Alt-Right movement, which, as of summer, 2020, had murdered thousands of Americans since Tim McVeigh kicked off the modern “boogaloo” white supremacy era.

And, as in the past, this would be a war where the very, very rich—the oligarchs—pit Americans against each other, dividing us by class, region, race and religion simply to gain and hold more and more power and wealth.

This is not the first time we’ve faced such a crisis as a nation.

Each time, forces of massive accumulated or inherited wealth have nearly succeeded in taking full control of our nation, replacing a democracy, where the will of the people is accomplished through their elected representatives, with a form of government where most government functions reinforce the power, wealth and control of the morbidly rich.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Tue Sep 8, 2020, 05:17 PM (39 replies)

'Touted as 'essential'... treated as disposable': Labor Day anger as migrant farm workers toil inside

‘Touted as ‘essential’… treated as disposable’: Labor Day anger as migrant farm workers toil inside wildfire evacuation zones


“For the workers, their hands were forced by a combination of circumstances as toxic as the ash that falls over the region’s famous vineyards.”

This Labor Day, immigrant and worker’s rights advocates are sounding the alarm in response to reports of migrant grape pickers, many of whom are undocumented, being forced to work in fire evacuation zones by California growers in a situation critics say demonstrates how some of those deemed “essential” at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic have been rendered “disposable” in the face of a record-setting heat wave and extremely dangerous conditions.

“What’s needed more than anything is an economic safety net in times of disaster so that people don’t have to accept perilous work and changes to immigration laws, so they don’t have to fear offers of help.”
Alleen Brown, reporter, The Intercept

While the threat of flames and smoke was strong enough in Sonoma County to provoke the relocation of area residents, “the county agriculture commissioner invited workers to continue laboring in the fields, doling out evacuation-area access passes to dozens of agricultural producers,” Alleen Brown reported for The Intercept.



edited to add
I live in Sonoma county and it is currently 103 degrees outside (at 3:32 pm).
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Mon Sep 7, 2020, 04:55 PM (2 replies)

Businesses Balk at Trump's Payroll Tax Holiday


President Donald Trump's payroll tax holiday for American workers kicked in on September 1, but few if any are likely to see a dime of it. That's because tax and benefits experts are calling the current proposal unworkable.

"It's a nightmare for an employer," says Shauna Zobrist, a CPA and an adviser at Breakaway Bookkeeping & Advising, a virtual network of bookkeepers and accountants in Portland, Oregon. "There are so many unknowns that become apparent when you start peeling back the layers."

That's even after the U.S. Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service on August 28 issued joint guidance on the implementation of Trump's August 8 executive order--which temporarily deferred the employee portion of payroll taxes for workers with annual incomes of $100,000 or less, or $4,000 per biweekly pay period.

The guidance from the two agencies confirmed that employers would be on the hook for repaying the government for any payroll taxes that their employees defer. The businesses in turn are supposed to collect the taxes from their employees. That amounts to 6.2 percent of an employee's salary for Social Security and 1.45 percent for Medicare. The tax can be deferred from September 1 through December 31 of this year and recouped from January 1 through April 30, 2021.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Wed Sep 2, 2020, 02:49 PM (6 replies)

For all those RWNJ's that whine about "illegals" taking their jobs...


Workers who pick our fruits and vegetables are out in the field through wildfire, pandemic, drought or storm, putting their health in jeopardy


As hundreds of fires burn across California, blanketing swaths of the state in smoke so thick that it muted the sun, low-wage farmworkers continued to toil in the fields, working through grueling conditions, now made even worse by the air quality.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Sat Aug 22, 2020, 06:23 PM (7 replies)

As GOP Blocks Covid Relief, Experts Warn of 'Wave of Despair' and Devastating Anecdotes Show Crisis

As GOP Blocks Covid Relief, Experts Warn of 'Wave of Despair' and Devastating Anecdotes Show Crisis Already Here


As millions of Americans grapple with the consequences of the refusal by the Trump administration and GOP lawmakers to extend the $600 weekly unemployment benefit or provide other urgent relief, experts warned Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic could directly lead to a "wave of despair"—including pervasive economic anxieties, increased suicides, and drug overdoses across the country.

The American Medical Association has already reported a rise in fatal opioid overdoses in at least 35 states during the pandemic, according to a Guardian report, and medical examiners in a number of states have reported a rise in suicides five months into the public health and economic crisis.

Fifty-eight suicides have been reported in Cook County, Illinois so far in 2020, compared with 56 total suicides in all of 2019. Low-income, predominantly Black neighborhoods, which have borne the brunt of the pandemic's effects, have seen the sharpest rise in suicides in the county. Officials in cities and counties in California, New Mexico, and Georgia have also been startled by rises in suicides there.

On social media, Washington Post journalist Jeff Stein has posted a number of anecdotes found on the online forum Reddit since the pandemic began, with people across the country this week describing the precarious circumstances they've been thrown into following Senate Republicans' refusal to extend a federal eviction moratorium for some Americans and the $600 benefit, claiming that doing so would keep unemployed people from seeking work—despite evidence to the contrary.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 02:30 PM (3 replies)

Veterans group hits draft-dodging Trump with new ad blasting his war on the mail

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Thu Aug 13, 2020, 01:55 PM (3 replies)

Trump's Scottish and Irish golf resorts spur a new round of scrutiny on his businesses


President Donald Trump appears to have inflated the value of his three golf resorts in Scotland and Ireland in documents filed with the U.S. government, according to a new examination of six years of financial records in the U.S. and Europe. And the group behind the finding wants the discrepancy investigated as part of a sprawling government probe into the Trump Organization‘s finances.

Trump claimed the resorts — Trump International Golf Links Aberdeen and Trump Turnberry, both in Scotland, and Trump Doonbeg in Ireland — brought in a total of about $179 million in revenue on U.S. documents where he is supposed to list his personal income. Records in the United Kingdom and Ireland indicate the resorts‘ revenues were millions of dollars less — about $152 million — and show they actually lost $77 million after accounting for expenses.

Trump claimed the Scottish resorts alone were worth at least $100 million total in 2018 on U.S. documents, but the U.K. records indicate that the resorts aren’t worth anywhere near that because the debts exceeded the assets by about $80 million that year.

The left-leaning American Democracy Legal Fund, a self-described government watchdog group, is asking Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to look into whether Trump, who repeatedly brags about his wealth, violated the law by filing false documents with the U.S. government to hide the financial health of himself and his company, according to a letter dated Monday obtained by POLITICO. The group is sending a similar letter to the FBI.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Tue Aug 11, 2020, 02:35 PM (3 replies)

Federal judge rips into Supreme Court for giving rogue cops near-total immunity to lawsuits.


On Tuesday, in a police misconduct case, Mississippi federal judge Carlton Reeves reluctantly granted qualified immunity to the officer involved — but not before a blistering opinion dozens of pages long, slamming the legal status quo and demanding that the Supreme Court step in to stop giving police officers near-total immunity from lawsuits for misconduct on the job.


“Thankfully, Jamison left the stop with his life,” wrote Reeves, who is himself Black. “Too many others have not. The Constitution says everyone is entitled to equal protection of the law — even at the hands of law enforcement. Over the decades, however, judges have invented a legal doctrine to protect law enforcement officers from having to face any consequences for wrongdoing.”

Under the current standard of “qualified immunity,” an officer cannot be sued for any action in the course of their duties that has not explicitly been ruled a violation of constitutional rights by a prior court — and in practice, that makes these lawsuits virtually impossible. The Supreme Court declined to take up a case re-examining the issue earlier this year.

“This Court is required to apply the law as stated by the Supreme Court,” wrote Reeves, granting the immunity. “But let us not be fooled by legal jargon. Immunity is not exoneration. And the harm in this case to one man sheds light on the harm done to the nation by this manufactured doctrine. As the Fourth Circuit concluded, “This has to stop.”


Posted by alwaysinasnit | Tue Aug 4, 2020, 05:24 PM (5 replies)

'We will coup whoever we want': Elon Musk and the overthrow of democracy in Bolivia'


On July 24, 2020, Tesla’s Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that a second U.S. “government stimulus package is not in the best interests of the people.” Someone responded to Musk soon after, “You know what wasn’t in the best interest of people? The U.S. government organizing a coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia so you could obtain the lithium there.” Musk then wrote: “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”

Musk refers here to the coup against President Evo Morales Ayma, who was removed illegally from his office in November 2019. Morales had just won an election for a term that was to have begun in January 2020. Even if there was a challenge against that election, Morales’ term should rightfully have continued through November and December of 2019. Instead, the Bolivian military, at the behest of Bolivia’s far right and the United States government, threatened Morales; Morales went into exile in Mexico and is now in Argentina.

At that time, the “evidence” of fraud was offered by the far right and by a “preliminary report” by the Organization of American States; only after Morales was removed from office was there grudging acknowledgment by the liberal media that there was in fact no evidence of fraud. It was too late for Bolivia, which has been condemned to a dangerous government that has suspended democracy in the country.


Musk’s admission, however intemperate, is at least honest. His company Tesla has long wanted access at a low price to the large lithium deposits in Bolivia; lithium is a key ingredient for batteries. Earlier this year, Musk and his company revealed that they wanted to build a Tesla factory in Brazil, which would be supplied by lithium from Bolivia; when we wrote about that we called our report “Elon Musk Is Acting Like a Neo-Conquistador for South America’s Lithium.” Everything we wrote there is condensed in his new tweet: the arrogance toward the political life of other countries, and the greed toward resources that people like Musk think are their entitlement.
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Fri Jul 31, 2020, 06:51 PM (1 replies)

Sometimes people refuse to learn a lesson even after being hit upside the head.


‘I truly thought last Friday was gonna be my last,’ says Texas hardline conservative lawmaker who was hospitalized for coronavirus.'

State Rep. Tony Tinderholt was hospitalized last week after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, the lawmaker confirmed Friday to The Texas Tribune, marking the first known case involving a member of the Texas Legislature.

“I truly thought last Friday was gonna be my last,” Tinderholt, an Arlington Republican, said in a text message to the Tribune. Tinderholt said his wife and two of his children also tested positive for the virus, though their symptoms were less severe.


While Tinderholt acknowledged the virus is a “serious illness,” he reiterated Friday his position that Abbott shutting down parts of the economy is wrong.

“Closing the entire economy and halting business as well as illegally taking people’s freedoms are absolutely the wrong things to do to Texas, Texans and our nation,” Tinderholt said.


You can't fix stupid.
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Fri Jul 31, 2020, 05:39 PM (8 replies)
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