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Name: Dolores
Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Current location: California
Member since: Thu Nov 30, 2017, 01:58 PM
Number of posts: 3,224

Journal Archives

Interesting take-down article on the Anonymous OP author.

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Sat Sep 8, 2018, 12:29 PM (8 replies)

Can a complaint be filed against Kavanaugh for lying under oath in his confirmation hearings?

According to Slate in the below article


Lisa Graves is urging impeachment proceedings of a sitting judge. I agree that Kavanaugh should be impeached but it it unlikely to happen (for the same reasons tRump isn't being impeached). The impeachment process is described here


But maybe there is something else that can be done and that is by filing a complaint against a judge for judicial misconduct.


One example of misconduct is "engaging in partisan political activity or making inappropriately partisan statements." I just haven't figured out who would be the best party or parties to file such a complaint/s.

Any thoughts?

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Fri Sep 7, 2018, 03:18 PM (7 replies)

Telling pictures from the Kavanaugh hearings.


There were three pics that caught my eye.

1. The close-up shot of Kavanaugh's mug. His mouth is very pinched.

2. The picture of Kavanaugh refusing to shake Mr. Guttenberg's hand.

3. The one of McGahn's expression as he was fixedly looking at Kavanaugh.

Anyone care to share their impressions?
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Wed Sep 5, 2018, 03:57 PM (10 replies)

WTF is up with all these Kavanaugh ads lauding him as a wonderful person to be a Supreme Court

justice? (I am in California) Can anyone remember if this type of PR blitz was done for any other SC nominee?
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Tue Aug 28, 2018, 06:00 PM (18 replies)



Simply disgusting.
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Sun Aug 26, 2018, 01:24 AM (3 replies)

(Rep. Duncan) Hunter blamed his wife for anything amiss.

In a Faux News interview...


What a jackass!
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Thu Aug 23, 2018, 06:57 PM (29 replies)

After Cohen's admissions that implicate tRump, the implication being that tRump is an unindicted

co-conspirator, what might that mean for the Kavanaugh nomination hearings? Any thoughts?
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Tue Aug 21, 2018, 07:16 PM (2 replies)

Has anyone here noticed an increased amount of TCP and UDP port scanning attacks?

Posted by alwaysinasnit | Sat Jul 21, 2018, 10:03 PM (16 replies)

Why is Russia dumping it's US Treasury holdings?


The ďgrand totalĒ of US Treasury bonds, notes, and bills held by official foreign investors (central banks, governments, etc.) and non-official foreign investors rose by $44.6 billion to $6.17 trillion at the end of May, according to the Treasury Departmentís TIC data released Tuesday afternoon. This is in the middle of the range of the past 12 months.

But Russia stands out by its sudden absence.

Russia was never a large holder of US Treasuries, compared to China and Japan. In March it was in 16th place with $96.1 billion in Treasury holdings. In April, it liquidated $47.4 billion of its holdings, and ended the month with $48.7 billion. That was down 69% from May 2013 ($153 billion). It knocked Russia into 22nd place behind the UAE and Thailand.

And in May, Russia liquidated more of its holdings and disappeared entirely from the TICís list of the 33 largest foreign holders of Treasuries. The smallest one on the list was Chile, with $30.2 billion. Russiaís holdings fell below that amount.

So we go to the TIC list of all countries that hold US Treasuries, and find that Russiaís holdings have plunged to $14.9 billion:

Russiaís holdings have plunged to $14.9 billion:

(graph available at link above)
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Wed Jul 18, 2018, 02:30 PM (13 replies)

I think it is time to call tRump's presidency what it truly is - Illegitimate


Clearly, the indictment issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller yesterday is saying that right after Trump called on ďRussiaĒ to ďfind the 30,000 emails that are missing,Ē the Russians did just that. They went looking for those emails by going after Clintonís personal email server.

If thatís not collusion with the Russians to hack Hillary Clintonís emails, I donít know what is.

If thatís not two acts in a conspiracy ó Trump calling out to ďRussiaĒ for help and actual Russian intelligence agents spearphishing emails from Hillary Clinton to provide that help ó I donít know what is.

If the indictment handed down yesterday by the grand jury being run by Special Counsel Mueller doesnít allege, albeit in a roundabout way, that Russia conspired with Trump to steal the election of 2016, I donít know what it does.

Anybody who gets elected to office in this country with the help of the intelligence agents of a foreign power has been elected illegitimately. Itís not a tough call. Donald Trump is president because Vladimir Putin wanted him to be. He acts like he owes Putin every single day. Twelve agents of the Russian intelligence service the GRU didnít do all that spearphishing and email disseminating all by themselves. They did it on orders from Putin. Thatís why Trump owes Putin. Read it for yourself. Itís right there in the indictment.
Posted by alwaysinasnit | Sat Jul 14, 2018, 01:58 PM (0 replies)
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