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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Tell Your Republican Family Members If They Have An Accident Their Republican Friends

Will stand by and watch them die. Republicans are against handouts, entitlements, Medicare, Medicaid, and they care nothing for anyone but themselves.

Now this isn't 100% of Republicans.

Some folks who call themselves Republicans give a hoot about others. They are just zombies and tune out 99.999999% of the reality they see and hear.

Russia Is A Mafia State Where There Are No Laws The Bosses Have To Follow

They should be boycotted by the entire world.

In our country "the mafia" is pretty much large corporations. At least they have to follow a few laws a little bit. I mean when they want to, and it doesn't cost them too much.

In Trump Universe - Bad News Is Fake News And Good News Is Pretty Much Made Up Lies About Everything

In the real universe where we all (choose to) live, news is news. The only fake news is garbage Trump and his enablers are spewing.

In the real universe truth, math, and facts matter.

Make sure when you hear fake news, the person saying fake news is talking to the alternate universe where depolorables dwell and facts don't matter one bit.

Question For Republican Relatives At Christmas - Remember When Republicans Protected Us

From Russians, instead of helping Russia attack our democracy, and then helping them get away with it.

Let's just see what they say, and then you can report to us.

Have a Merry Christmas either way.

2018 starts in 7 days.

Take it to the streets with all you've got or else.....

MSNBC My Pillow Guy Is A Deplorable Trumphumper

I can't stand watching his commercials.

Dump him.

Rep Garamendi On MSNBC Middle Class Tax Cuts Will Have

To be spent on more expensive health care insurance while 80% of the cash goes to the 1%.

Trump To Troops - Be Afraid I Am Insane And Scared To Death

Yer screwed. If I can deflect investigation into my crimes by starting a war I will.

Merry Christmas Troops

Remember, while Vietnam was going on I was making hay with HUUUUGE numbers of girls. Same thing.

Ken Starr vs Robert Mueller - Democrat vs Republican Investigations

Ken Starr was a pure political hit job by a partisan scum sucking dirt bag who belongs behind bars.

Mueller is discovering the level of Russian help to Trump, and tripping over Trump crimes the size of Mt. Everest.

Exactly the opposite.

It's like the difference between us and them.

Dems versus traitor Republicans.

Traitor scum.


Ken Starr told McDougal she wouldn't be prosecuted if she lied.

He should have been prosecuted.

The bastard.

Were The Russians Running Ads And Attacks Helping Other Republicans Besides Trump

Anyone know?


My Infrastructure Bill - 2 Trillion - Paid For 100% By Corporations Who Just Got 2 Trillion In $$$$$

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