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SeaDoo77's Journal
SeaDoo77's Journal
December 31, 2017

Republicans Were A Disease Long Before Trump Slimed Into The White House

Their "party" is built on lies, propaganda, and billionaire cash.

What they stand for is one thing. Helping the filthy rich rob the 99%.

Everything they do and say is to this end.

They are simply evil to a man and a woman.

Trying to take away my healthcare just to impress a bunch of Obama hating racists.

All Republicans are f-ing evil.

They must be treated as evil, and their attempts to kill my family and destroy my planet must be stopped.

December 30, 2017

What Should We Call The Right Wing Fox News Alternate Universe? Any Ideas?

When I talk to my Trump friend, and he says something that isn't true, I say "only in the alternate universe". For instance: When he says "Trump got more votes than Hillary, but there was massive voter fraud" I say only in the alternate universe.

I think we should name this Right Wing Fantasyland so the pundits on TeeVee can tell the bald faced liars "Only in the alternate universe" when they say something like "trickle down always works". They don't have the courage to call them liars.

Let's think of a name.

I'll get started.


Alternate Universe

Upside Down World

Any suggestions?

December 30, 2017

Willing To Find 5 Non Voters And Get Them Registered To Vote Against Trump And Republicans?

If the answer isn't ABSOLUTELY then we won't take back the house.

Ask anyone that can be influenced in your sphere if they vote. If they say anything other than hell yes, then ask them if they want Trump to continue lying, cheating, stealing, and letting the corporations go free to take all they want.

I didn't vote for years, then I got involved because the stench became too bad.

Tell them that.

My votes make a difference. Just look at Virginia.

Both parties are not the same. If you hear someone say both parties are the same, ask them if there has ever been a Democrat as bad as Trump, or if they like Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment insurance. Republicans were opposed to, and plan on destroying them and say so.

Remember Michael Moore warned us about Trump, and we didn't listen. He understands deplorables.



December 29, 2017

Trump Obviously Got Putin's Permission To Give Arms To Ukraine

Now the Republicans are saying "see" we're not totally bought and owned by Putin.

And of course the deplorables buy it.....

I don't buy it for one minute.

Putin owns Trump and the Republicans.

That's why nothing from the RNC hack has been leaked by Guccifer.

December 29, 2017

Media Being Played - RNC Russian Collusion - Story Killed Because Of Interview

It is starting to leak out how much the Russians helped Republicans / RNC in the 2016 election. This is a HUUUUUGE story. Being completely swamped by all the crazy crap Trump spewed with his off the cuff interview. He plays the press like a Stradavarius.

Anyone else see what is going on?

Media - Shiny thing over here.... Treason ignored over there.....

Does this bother anyone?

December 29, 2017

Purge Russia Backed - Owned Republicans Not FBI Investigators

Tell me what day is purge day. I'm ready....

December 29, 2017

Earth To Donald - There Was Obvious Collusion - Anyone With A Working Brain Understands This

I know you are speaking to your base when you say "no collusion" Trump. Your base, the people who live in the alternate universe. All the folks here, on this planet, where truth, facts, and reality matter know your campaign worked with the Russians to attack Hillary. You know. The real world. Truth, facts, reality. All here at my computer.

We know it. Collusion proven with Trump Tower meeting with your staff and RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Case closed.

Now keep on lying to "your base" because they will believe anything.

And you know it.

I can't tell you to stop lying, because we know you can't. It's part of your game. Lying to stupid people, or suckers I call them.

December 28, 2017

There Is No Special Place In Hell For Republicans - It's Just Hell - They Aren't Special

Unless of course they prey on children.

Well, I guess all Republicans kind of prey on children. Denying them healthcare, and denying their parents healthcare. And trying to cut food stamps. And dumping trillions of debt on them, when they could simply make billionaires pay some taxes instead. Destroying our planet for Exxon's bottom line, and Massey Energy. Cutting regulations so polluters can poison our planet more.

I guess I am wrong.

They may be moving to some hotter than hot place.


December 28, 2017

Prosecute Every Single Republican Who Used Russian Hacked Info Knowingly In Their Campaign

It is conspiracy.

It is a crime.

Crimes are prosecuted in America, or we are a banana republic.

Looks like an open and shut case.

I don't think all Republicans are in on it, so just prosecute the ones that are.

The rest can just go run for re-election.

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