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SeaDoo77's Journal
SeaDoo77's Journal
January 12, 2018

Media - Ignore Trump 100% For One Day No Matter What He Says Or Tweets To See What Happens

No one go see SHS throw verbal feces at them or insult them. No one comment on anything he tweets or psycho babbles. No one write one single word about the lying Cheeto for one complete day, and let's see what happens.

Anyone want to guess what he does?

This might be interesting.

January 11, 2018

Arab Spring - No - Democracy Spring or Democratic Spring - Time To Get To Work

We are going to take back our government if we work for it.

How many people have you registered?

How many "on the fence" people have you convinced Republicans are undeniably evil?

What have you done to make it happen?

We didn't fight for Hillary hard enough, to a man, and look what happened.

It isn't Putin's fault, it is ours.

Democracy Spring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You heard it here first, and it has already started. Virginia, and Alabama.

It won't happen if we don't do it.

What will you be doing this spring that you didn't do in 2016?

I am printing my own "anti-Republican" signs and putting them up in my neighborhood. I have a laminater, and a printer. They look great. I have Republicans Are A Disease, and Eternity, How Long Republicans Will Burn going up right now.

January 11, 2018

God I Hate Republicans

They are evil lying treasonous scum. There are a few who are slightly less evil than others, but the party itself is evil.

This is just sick. I just saw a host thank Rand Paul for coming on and lying his ass off.

January 11, 2018

Liar - "No Collusion" Is A Lie Asshole - I'm Tired Of Hearing It

Stop lying Trump. God.

You are a baby.

January 11, 2018

The Only Witch Hunt Going On Is...

Which Trump helpers committed which crimes. The water is rising. Heard on Lawrence.

January 11, 2018

Just Gave $30 To Alan Grayson - That Boy Knows How To Fight Republicans

His fundraisers call.

I give.

That's how it works.

Republican Health Care Plan: "Don't Get Sick". If you get sick. "Die Quickly!"

Oh that pissed them off.

He had graphics.

January 10, 2018

Who Will Be First Dem To Call For Investigation - Prosecution Of Graham And Grassley?

Lindsey Graham, and Chuck Grassley are obviously involved in obstructing justice by repeatedly lying about the dossier, and attacking Steele for warning the FBI.

Those two are traitors, and need to be attacked relentlessly by patriotic Americans.

Maybe someday some Democrat will feel an impulse of patriotism and do something similar to what DiFi did, and call for their arrest or investigation LOUDLY!!!

What if dozens of Democrats simultaneously called for their investigation, or refer them to the Justice Department.

Time to grow a spine and become all patriotic Dems!!!!!

January 10, 2018

Time To Arrest Lindsey Graham - Treason - Grassley Too

Running cover for Putin. Openly.

Lock him up.

We're at cyber war with Russia.



January 9, 2018

Arizona Alert - Register 1 Million New Voters To Vote Against Arpaio - Start Today

Figure out what it takes to register new voters in Arizona. Print out the forms, or instructions. Put them EVERYWHERE. Make sure every person in Arizona who is against hate, and racism is registered to vote for "Anyone But Joe". He probably won't win primary, but we will have the million anti racist voters ready either way.

Get Started Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about a "Wake Up Arizona" campaign.

All Republicans vote anyway. Anyone new will most likely vote against evil and with us.

Get To It !!!!!!!!!


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