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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Who Will Trump Insult Today? Drinking Game? Vegas Betting? Who Will It Be?

Anyone's guess?

Tweeted insult coming in 3, 2, 1.....

Republicans Want To Lower The Corporate Tax Rate To 3.8%

The top tax rate it currently 35%. Very few pay this. After deductions and loopholes the average corporate effective rate is 18.8%.

If Republicans drop the top rate to 20% the average effective rate will be 3.8%

Maybe someone besides me should point this out.

Remember lots of corporations already pay ZERO INCOME TAX.


Boeing pays corporate taxes "sometimes".

Others the same.

These 26 Companies Pay No Federal Income Tax


GOP Says Economic Growth Is Magic Bullet - More Climate Change Done GOP Way - Very Very Very Bad

Trump wants polluters to pollute more by attempting to remove ALL REGULATIONS slowing down carbon pollution, or fossil fuel extraction or use. Republicans also want to cut back support for alternative energy. Pushing coal as hard as possible.

Growing the economy the Republican way means more category 5 hurricanes, more forest fires, and more deadly weather and floods. More and more will die, or watch their homes, or businesses (environment) destroyed.

They want to kill us for $$ if anyone has noticed.

I noticed.

Economic growth is their magic bullet.

"Higher GDP" is the goal. The wonderful magic bullet that "grows tax revenue" to pay for billionaire handouts, and tax free corporations.

Buy your funeral plots, and life insurance folks. All you can do to prepare it appears.

We have already steamed over the cliff, and are pouring coal in the furnace to chug farther into thin air faster and faster.

Pro Pollution Forces are winning.

The only real question remaining is will I die before the total collapse.....

Laffer Coming Up On Smerconish - Comedy Channel

All economists are laughing at the joke Laffer. Why is Smerconish giving him TV time.

Laffer's "Curve" has been a laughingstock forever.

Republicans Preparing To Jump Shark - Good For Them - Goodbye Assholes

Steal from the poor and the middle class to further enrich the rich with their tax scam.

The campaign ads will write themselves.

Their party (of lying treasonous assholes) is toast.

All to score a political "victory".

Ask Custer how things like this work out.

Oh wait....

Rejoice, then beat the crap out of them daily till 2018, and 2020.

Even most Republicans know they will be getting screwed.

Media Helping GOP Sell Tax Scam - 1 Trillion Number Is Bogus - They Don't Mention It

1 trillion in new debt is best case scenario using "dynamic" scoring.

Actual debt will absolutely without a doubt be much higher.

This doesn't even count interest.

The press is playing along, and not pointing out any of this.

Our Media Sucks.

1 Trillion In New Debt Best Case Scenario? Try 2, 3, 4 Trillion

Only one trillion with "Republican accounting".

Quadruple it.

No one is saying it.

Bush's was 3.5 trillion in 10 years. Keep counting.

Pure bs on the media not talking about the real amount of debt this scam will pile on our children including interest.

Republicans Please Vote Yes On The Tax Bill - I Want To See Your Party Destroyed Once And For All

Every American with a working brain knows you are only interested in helping the rich, and don't give a damn about them. This tax fraud is just one more example.

A grrrrreat victory for conservatives is what Michael Medved just said on my radio. Suuuuure it is.

I want to see your party destroyed, which is far less than you truly deserve (traitors).

Vote yes.

Screw 99.8% of us.

See how the next election turns out.

The Koch Brothers Are About To Get The Tax Cuts They Paid For - Return On Their Investments

In Republicans.

Lindsey Graham already admitted it.

Anyone here getting tired of being liked to like me?

Pulling trillions out of the economy to give to the rich to hoard is not good for anyone but them.

That's the truth.

Lyin' Ryan And For The Rich Mitch Are Selling Their Tax Scam Hard

They should be called, from this day forward Lyin' Ryan, and For The Rich Mitch by everyone.

Everyone including members of congress, and Senators.

You and me.

As long as they are lying their asses off, we don't need to show them any respect.

Their "Tax Reform" is a scam.
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