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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Sexual Predator Trump - Maybe Lyin' Ted Or Little Marco Could Say It Just Once

Or a thousand times.

He called them names, and even attacked their wives.

Sexual Predator Trump.


So Now Touching In Any Way Shape Or Form Is The Bar - I Am Going To Hurl

So lets destroy every single Democrat that ever touched anyone.


I will go throw up now.

Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire FIRE FIRE No Mention Of Climate Change - Criminal Media

Not one peep about climate change yesterday or today in all the news I watched.

400 billion in hurricane damage from 4 category 5's and a Gulf 2 to 7 degrees warmer than normal.

California on fire, Canada on fire, California on fire again, plus all the regular yearly worsening normal forest fires.

Not one mention about climate change by the media in the last 2 days I saw.

Rarely mentioned this summer while we had all the fires and hurricanes.

What does Exxon have over the media? Pee pee tapes?

Is it the cash from "energy voter" ads?

We are dying from wind, floods, fires and no one in the media is talking about THE CAUSE.

Rec if you think .... maybe.... they could mention GLOBAL WARMING once in a while.

Another $25 To Doug Jones - Because Of Bannon

Just watching Bannon makes my skin crawl.

How come he didn't have a hood on?

Don Jr. - If You Lie You Will Be Locked Up - I Don't Care Who Your Daddy Is

At some point WE WILL GET JUSTICE.

You can't spread slime forever.

Too many people know what you, and your dirt bag grifter father really are.

Lying, treasonous, scammers who owe everything to RUSSIA.



And you, and your type don't give a damn about the rest of us.

We are just patsies to your family.

Bannon Helping Predator Roy Moore - Self Described Leninist - Wants The State Destroyed

Noble cause, except Bannon really wants to put oligarchs in charge, not working people.

Just look at the folks his boss hired to run our economy.


Would be a good ad pointing this out in Alabama.

Lenin might not be so popular.

Watching the NAZI Bannon spewing his garbage on that stage yesterday made me sick.

They could quickly make an ad showing some of the garbage Bannon has vomited into microphones in the past.

Paul Ryan Should Be Arrested - Tax Fraud

I just watched the folks on MSNBC talking about all the things Ryan said that wasn't true. Lying about taxes is a crime.

Arrest this lying crook.


Support Doug Jones If You Can - GOP Helping Predator Moore

It's up to us.

Eternity - How Long Republicans Will Burn - Sign On My Car

I made it and laminated it myself.

Roy Moore Just Another Republican Liar

The Republican Party is built on lies. Of course they support the sexual predator.
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