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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Still Angry About Franken - Republicans Still Want Me To Die If I Get Sick - I Didn't Forget Enemy

Our party is having a hard time of it. We can all agree. Keep in mind while we try to fix this mess there are a bunch of evil lying scum in charge of both houses of congress and stinking up the Oval Office. Folks who would vote to take health insurance from 23 million Americans, and to rob Medicare, and Medicaid to give tax cuts to billionaire campaign contributor stockholders.

The people who have the Al Franken problem will have to be dealt with, but the evil ones on the "other side" are happy watching us bicker. They may have even played a part in the problem with Stone, and other conservative scum bastards. Who knows. We need an investigation.

Remember use 99.99999% of your ammo on the real enemies of our nation, and our world.

Republican Scum.

They are the enemy.

Howard Dean No One Agrees With You - Franken Should Not Have Been Sacrificed

You made some valid points on MSNBC 5 minutes ago about the pushback from ignoring the sexual abuse problems. You are right about that. But making one or two or three people pay such a high price for the actions of others is wrong. KG was wrong. Period.

You are a "party leader" so you should lead. It's not too late to do the right thing, and give Senator Franken fair treatment. It's not his fault so much other abuse has been covered up.

"Leaders" can change their mind when they are wrong. I don't care if today KG is tweeting about Trump.

Being fair is far more important than anything now.

Some people behave badly and some others lie.

We need a process before we toss our friends to the wolves.

Senator Franken You Do Not Have To Resign - Don't Do It - 99% Of Democrats Want You To Stay - Stay

I am not going to attack the people that attacked you Al. You simply can change your mind about your resignation. They people in your own party who attacked you are taking heat like never before. You can't even call KG's office because the lines have been jammed with pissed off DEMOCRATS. I have tried like 50 times.

Al, don't resign.

We will wait until a proper investigation has been done, and then we will see.

You can leave then if you feel like it.

KEEP YOUR SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernstein: Fox Hosts Are Abetting A Cover Up

Fox is ignoring Trumps lies, and attacking journalists doing their job trying to expose the lies, running cover.

In my opinion Fox is a criminal organization. I say this not Bernstein.

Fox is a criminal organization.

I am not sure how many crimes they are helping Trump with, but I would bet there are a lot.

Is Throwing Al Franken Under The Bus The Biggest Political Mistake In History?

I just watched the start of Saturday Night Live.

Seems like "the folks there" still like SENATOR Franken a lot.

So do I.

What "his party" did to him, for what I consider (from what I've seen) minor mistakes, or possible fraud makes me furious (for loss of a better term).

Who am I? Someone who watches news every day, and is practically a political junkie. I am even considering running for congress myself. I campaign for, donate to, phone bank for, door knock for, and try to get "my friends" elected. DEMOCRATS! I have donated over 10k to Democrats since 2000, and I am not rich. That is how much I care about my country.

This (me) is exactly the kind of DEMOCRAT 30 some odd folks pissed off like there is no tomorrow. I simply will never feel the same about being a Democrat. I have called Pramila, Patty, and Maria's office DEMANDING they apologize to Senator Franken, and beg him to stay until the "claims" are properly investigated. That would be THE RIGHT THING to do. To hell with Roy Moore, and the political aspirations of a number of office seekers. It's called standing on principles, and acting out of character in my book. Keep in mind half the people in this country that can vote don't. Even when they are faced with a lying dirt bag like Trump they don't vote. The reasons why they don't vote aren't being addressed by what happened.

Please don't smoke this thread. I have read practically every comment on DU for days and it seems like 90% of the people here feel EXACTLY the same way. I had a "stay Al" thread and it was #1 for over 24 hours with almost 400 recs.

I needed to say something.

Personally I think "they" should rethink their demand that Al resign, and look into the claims, and see if expulsion is the correct action.

It may be, but just throwing him off the cliff they way they did makes me sick to my stomach (worse).

The expulsion of Senator Franken is in my mind the biggest political blunder of all time in America, as it relates to me, and how I feel about my "party".

Just being honest.

Bye account......

End Times/Watching Liberal Neighbors Being Called To Heaven - What Evangelicals Can Look Forward To

When Armageddon comes.

Ya think God wants racist, hate filled, gun waving ignorant klanscum causing problems in paradise?

I think not.

The folks that actually care about their neighbors, the sick, the poor, the hungry will be called up.

Not them.

Not one single Republican will go to heaven.


Al Franken Don't Resign Thread - Please Rec

You got screwed Al.

By people that surrender before the first shot every time.

Stay in your job Senator Franken.

Let the process work.

To hell with the lynch mob.

Please Rec.

Trump Moore - Sexual Predators Know They Must Stick Together

They are on the 14 is fine tour.

Ted Nugent will make a secret appearance to sing his jailbait song.

What Are You Doing To Destroy The Republican Party?

Every single thing the Republicans truly stand for is evil.


They should be treated like lying, treasonous scum.

They should be stripped from ALL POWER.

What are you doing about them?

Really, I want an answer.

It's Child Molester Roy Moore When Referring To Senate Race In Alabama

Every Dem should use this language every time.

Maybe it will sink in.

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