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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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1 in 6 American Children Go Hungry and GOP Only Worried About Corporate / Billionaire Tax Cuts

Beyond sick.


Republicans Are Lying Hard About Their Billionaire Bailout

But at least some families will save some on their taxes for a little while!

Like trickle down ever worked.....

Trump: Help Me Win And I Will Pardon You If You Get Caught - Deal?

I am sure that't how it went, and will go.

Welcome to "America being made great again" folks!

Collusion Yes Stop Lying Trump

We already know a lot of your "campaign" officials met with Russians and contacted Wikileaks during campaign.

That is collusion in my book.

Then there's Jr's meeting to get dirt on Hillary he was peeing his pants to get.

That is collusion.

Stop lying Trump.

There was OBVIOUSLY collusion.

Even if we haven't found direct evidence of "you" and Russia working hand in hand to defeat Hillary.

Anyone here think there is "no collusion" as Trump keeps spewing?

Coal Miners Returning To Work - Who Will Provide Coal For Stockings

Since Republicans will be giving us non billionaires a lump of coal for Christmas in the form of their tax scam, who will provide the actual coal? Just saying...


Who Will Be A Republican Hero And Stop The Tax Scam?

And possibly save their party (that isn't worth saving).

Paul Ryan Won't Leave Until Entitlements Gutted And Extra $$ Given To Billionaires - Almost There

Taking money from the poor, elderly, powerless, and helpless to give to the filthy rich has been his lifelong dream.

Atlas Shrugged!!!!

History will look at today's Republican Party as a bigger stain then the Confederacy.

At least the Confederates were brave, and principled in a sick way.

Republicans would kill their own mothers if they thought it would benefit them politically!

5 Year Anniversary Sandy Hook - Bump Stocks Still Legal - NRA Is Terrorist Organization

NRA doesn't care how may die, as long as gun manufacturers make $$ off our children's corpses.

Guns don't kill people.

Well, actually they do. Thousands per year.

The NRA is actually a terrorist organization. Don't believe me? If you want to kill a bunch of people, the NRA makes it as easy as possible.

New NRA slogan: Leave No Child Unshot.

There's No Evidence Russians DID NOT Influence Election

Every right wing, Republican defending, Russian supporting hack states there is no evidence the Russians didn't influence vote totals.

There is no evidence they didn't either.

My guess is Russians helped Trump win, and helped Trump enough to cause Hillary to lose.

Screw the "no evidence" argument.

Every day there is more evidence of Russians helping the Trump Gang.

Butloads of evidence.

A Pacific Ocean full of evidence.

Michael Medved You Are A Liar - CHIP

Bloodthirsty Republicans dont need Democrats to fund chip. Go f yourself Medved.
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