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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Everyone Else Has Bullet Trains - USA Can't Even Have A Regular Train Not Crash With 1920's Tech

We're so screwed infrastructure wise.

Maybe we could get some of the 50 trillion from the tax havens and make a train that can make it to Portland without crashing.

We Should Be Paying Off Our Debt Now - Economy Doing Great They Say - Stock Market!

If unemployment is so low, and the stock market is at record highs, why are we not paying down our debt?

There is already 50 trillion in the tax havens. Now more will be hoarded there?

Why are we creating bigger deficits when we are doing so well?

All so the wealthier get wealthier, while us working slobs get crumbs.

None Of Our Children Will Be Better Off - They Will Have To Pay For The Tax Scam

Funny how Republicans never talk about our kids.

They will have to pay for this scam.

20 Trillion In Debt And Growing - Anyone Ask Our Children How They Feel?

So the economy is "doing good" as they all say, and we are still piling on debt instead of paying it down. Now we are going to borrow more so some can get "a tax cut" and the wealthy can buy bigger and better yachts every year with their tax savings. All put on the national credit card.

Anyone ask the people who will be saddled with the debt along with a collapsing environment, and a Gulf of Mexico that is so hot, it is basically a hurricane and flood generator?

Hey kiddies, how ya doin?

Grab yer ankles.....

Tax Treason

Sucking trillions out of the economy to further enrich the already rich. Lots of it borrowed.

Tax Treason.

Trump Is Down To Only One Job Left - Finding Country Offering Him And Family Asylum

I bet it's the only thing he is thinking about these days.

Tax Unrealized Capital Gains Over 5 Million And Trusts - Bam - Revenue Problem Solved

And we can live like people in advanced countries, instead of being 30th overall in so many ways.

We are going 3rd world.

Taxing "income" is idiotic. The thousands of loopholes are made to make income not income, and not taxed. Wealth accumulation is not taxed. It's insane.

The richer get rich, and us working fools pay the bills.



Our Children Will Be Paying For The Tax Scam - Why Is No One Saying It?

1.5 trillion. Best case scenario. Then there's the interest on the 1.5 trillion. Then there's the fact that the economy might slow down with all the corporations destroying the environment, and screwing everyone in sight with eliminated regulations.

Gramma will have to go back to work at the store. The sick, and disabled? They will just be homeless. No money to help them. All going to the stockholders.

Stop this scam.

POC Will Be Crushed By This Tax Scam

Republicans are going to blow up the budget, and then start cutting.

The poor, the elderly, and minorities will be hit the hardest.

Just saying.

Russia Did Influence Election Outcome Trump Supporting Liars - Stop Lying

Stop saying they didn't influence outcome.

You are lying.

Every day we see more of what they did. From the releasing of Russian stolen emails, to frigging advertising. Gold knows what else. Voting machines? Tabulators? Outright rigging? God only knows. There is no way anyone with a working brain could say they had no effect on the outcome. I know, working brain is a big thing....

I want to know exactly what Russians did.

It's Mueller's job to find out.

Every single PATRIOTIC AMERICAN should be helping Mueller.

Anyone attacking Mueller is protecting Putin, and should be prosecuted for obstruction.
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