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Member since: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 540

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Trump Ran As A Populist Turns Out He Is A Worse Corporate Prostitute Than Anyone Ever

And his deplorable base is slowly figuring it out.

Even if he doesn't get arrested, or impeached, Trump is Trump, and disgraces the office of the presidency every single day.

Fox News watchers like racist ignorant blowhards, but the rest of America is a lot smarter than the, and know exactly what kind of low life Trump, and his Republican friends are.

Anyone voting Republican these days has brain damage, and needs serious therapy, fast.

Billionaire Tax Cuts Will Be Paid For By Our Kids - No One In Media Saying It

Plus no one adds the cost of interest to the 1.5 Trillion plus price tag.

Borrow from your kids to get a grand, and a billionaire to get a yacht.

Makes sense in the alternate universe.

What Do Republicans Do When They Are Not Selling Us Out To Russia?

You know, I could probably answer that question.

Robbing my children to further enrich the already rich.


Wish Republicans Worried About RUSSIANS As Much As The FBI And Hillary

My gawd.

I think they have actually surrendered to Putin already.

Maybe If We Didn't Export A Billion Dollars Worth Of Fentanyl To Mexico So It Can Be Re-Imported To

Our streets by the drug cartels we would not have a Vietnam sized death toll every year.

Corporate profits show up in our graveyards.

Record Stock Market - Record Profits - 1 Trillion Dollar Deficit 2018 - Smell A Rat Anyone?

After paying for all the "stuff" from this year, the deficit will cross 1 TRILLION DOLLARS next year, without the full effect of tax scam being accounted for.

Anyone smell a rat?

USA Today: "Deficit could hit $1 trillion in 2018, and that's before the full impact of tax cuts"


Would You Take Your Kids Money To Pay For Your Tax Cut?

Republicans are funding the tax cuts for billionaires, and the tiny tax cuts for families, and making our kids pay for them.

Anyone see a problem with this?

Trump Just Tweeted The Tax Scam Was Very Popular

He truly does live in an alternate universe.

Anyone Believe A Word Bob Corker Spoke This Morning?


Newsflash: Some People In The CIA FBI And Justice Department Don't Like Donald Trump

Just like 2/3 of America and 95% of the planet.

It's no conspiracy.

Donald Trump is a piece of lying slime, making America weaker, and damaging our planet more every second.

Almost every breathing human being knows his destruction must be stopped.

God only knows how.

Sorry if I am blunt, but I come from a part of Eastern Washington that BURNS EVERY SUMMER. Some of us start to ask why we have to keep evacuating, when our commander in chief seems to want to put as much carbon into the atmosphere as humanly possible.

I don't know how this will end.

I don't give a rats ass if he "scored a victory" today, throwing us crumbs, and our rulers yachts. I assume the hundreds of intelligence officers who told us about trump before the election know they were right. Now what the hell can they/we do.

It isn't a conspiracy.

It is making our country and our planet better.
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