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SeaDoo77's Journal
SeaDoo77's Journal
December 23, 2017

Republicans Are Traitors - Helping Trump And Russians By Trashing FBI

Russians helped Trump win election in a thousand ways.

FBI is investigating Russian meddling and obvious collusion from Trump's campaign.

Republicans trying to help Russians and Trump by attacking the FBI, and it is working.

F-king Traitors.

December 23, 2017

Big Victory - Big Victory - Big Victory - Bull - I Am Sick Of The Media Framing - Sick Sick Sick

Stealing 2 trillion from our children to shower Republican (scum) campaign contributors with billions upon billions in additional wealth, while tossing us working fools a couple crumbs is not a "Big Victory" in any universe with intelligent life.

Sure Republican Prostitutes "got something passed". Something that only a handful of Americans wanted to pass because most Americans knew it was a total scam, and payoff to their campaign funders. A total rip off, sold with pathetic lies and pure bs.

THIS IS NOT A WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the GOP call it a win if they wan. Let them call it an act of God. I don't care. Our idiot media doesn't have to help them frame their scam as a "win" or a "victory". My gawd. You make me sick.

HEY STUPID CORPORATE OWNED MEDIA: --- The Tax Fraud Is Not And Will Never Be A Win For Anyone But Billionaires!!!!!!!!!!

December 23, 2017

Dear Trump And Corporate Comrades - We Are Not Idiots - The Real Game Explained

So Trump and his Republican comrades borrowed 2 trillion from our children to shower billionaires with free cash in the way of corporate tax cuts. At the same time they gave some more paltry sums of money away to some other non filthy rich families like mine, all paid for by borrowing from our children's future. We get it. No, we really get it. We 100% get it.

Now "some" corporations are out there proudly stating all they are now going to do with the "extra cash thanks to Trump". Ok, we understand how this game is played. We screw our children out of trillions, and some corporations who basically run the government with their lobbyists and their campaign contributions play us like fools. These corporatins shower their already rich stockholders, or owners with trillions of free money, then run cover for their "friends" in the government. The Koch Brothers "network" even spent 20 million $$ running ads to help the get the tax cuts that will save them hundreds of millions $$$$$$$ in taxes. They call that a return on investment. We UNDERSTAND how the game is played.


Some of us aren't stupid.

Now "other countries" are going to lower their corporate tax rates to undercut us, and the race to the bottom continues unabated. They have already announced this. What a "win" right?

Sure Republicans, there ARE a bunch of idiots in America. Just not as many as you think.

Good luck taking your "win" to the bank. Us Americans with working brains (non-deplorables) don't like being played like fools, treated like suckers, and we will show up to vote in hordes.

And until we get THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS we will have to fight this stupid war every g-damn day. Our families, and our votes versus their 100 trillion in wealth. And yes, we ARE up to it. So tell the corporate prostitutes they will be losing their jobs robbing our children soon enough. Our government is currently an auction, and the people who benefit from Trump's "win" are the only bidders. Our children are not even consulted while their future is being paid out to the auction winners.

Anyone agree with me?

December 23, 2017

Republican Francis Rooney On MSNBC Still Saying No Collusion - There Was Collusion - Say It

Just watched him say it 5 minutes ago.

There Was Collusion

Saying "no collusion" is a lie. They are lying.

Trump Tower Meeting Obvious Collusion

Newsflash: Media: Do not let any Republican get away with saying no collusion every.

Deplorables still believe no collusion. Hit them over the head repeatedly.

December 23, 2017

People Can Change - I Used To Be A Republican - We Need To Look At Acting Like Grownups - Me Too

While we process this "me too" movement.

95% of the problem is still under the surface. Maybe 99%.

What I am the most afraid of is not being able to be a gentleman, or girl, pursue someone you desire, and "they" "feel" you crossed the line with a hug, or an attempted stolen kiss, and YOUR LIFE IS RUINED by a posse.

Asking people to act like adults 100% of the time and use their heads and not emotions is like asking the 2 year old to not eat the candy, and then leave the room.

I am not excusing bad behavior but I used to be a Republican. People can evolve. I know a few "popular" politicians who were not pro-LGBT if I recal. and they evolved. They are not evil. Get what I mean?

This is a big complicated "thing". I just don't want to see people over punished, while the true scum are being served their medicine.

Going after minor offenses with the same zeal as going after predators make real change all that much harder. Don't believe me? Watch Fox News for a couple minutes. They will be airing their daily "victim", and they will be able to produce "overly punished" victims by the thousand. All the time it will make it harder to expose the Roger Ailes, and Bill O'Reilly's of the world.

A lot to think about.

Please rec so maybe we can all do a little more deep thought about the difference between jerks (both sexes), false accusers, fame seekers, and real predators.

December 23, 2017

Republicans Getting Away With Massive Voter Suppression And We Do Nothing - We Will Lose Again

I mean it.

If hundreds of thousands of people can't vote, we can't possibly win.

We need a full on assault on the evil scum doing voting suppression to even have a chance.

It doesn't matter if 20% more Americans want to vote Democrat if they can't.


W A R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 22, 2017

The Koch Trump Tax Scam

New name.

Since the Kochs spent 20 mil selling it.

December 22, 2017

Republicans Are Traitors Attacking FBI While They Investigate Russian Influence On Elections

They are all traitors.


Make sure every person you know understands this.

Unless of course they are Russian Assets too.

December 22, 2017

Trump Is Brilliant I Realized A While Back

I own my own business, and I am not a billionaire. He is a billionaire, and he only inherited 100 to 400 million. Why is he so rich?

I figured it out. He even wrote a book about it.

He screwed everyone he ever did business with. I never thought of just flat out lying and looking at my customers as suckers, and just stealing from them. I'm serious. I never thought about just flat out screwing people. He's a genius.

Now the economy is "doing good" and it is. Whoever thought letting polluters pollute all they want, and eliminating all business restrictions, and letting corporations rape and pillage at will would make the economy "better"? True genius.

Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Now make sure you have fire insurance, flood insurance, a bunker, gold, lots of guns, 20 years worth of food, and can run like the wind.

December 22, 2017

Hey Media STFU - The Tax Scam Was Not A Huge Victory - We All Know It Was A Scam

Just because Republicans got "something" passed, it is a huge handout to the wealthy, and a few crumbs to others, all stolen from our children.

It is not a huge victory.

It was a scam, and it will hurt our country overall, and almost everyone knows it.

Please rec.

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