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Today on DU, a DUer asked what the Sanders Institute is doing.

I didn't know, but that made me curious, so I GOOGLED Sanders Institute, and here is what I found.

Enjoy the videos.


Flew into Los Angeles, LAX, last night.

As we flew in, I saw many, large BLACK CLOUDS. Smoke and ashes I guess.

After we landed, I asked some airport employees about the clouds. They said they were not above Los Angeles proper but above some of the surrounding areas.

Global warming is here.

When insurance companies face the barrage of claims for damages to homes (not just totally burnt homes) and for healthcare due to the ashes and smoke, etc., we may just get some changes in our environmental policy.

Shame that our degradation of the environment had to be this bad.

But the insurance industry's interest in profits and low claims may just be the factor that changes the attitudes of the powers that be toward our environment.

I've got my fingers crossed.
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