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Washington Journal Malcolm Nance Discusses Russian Interference 2016 Election


Many countries prohibit or limit the sale of real property, that is land and housing,

to non-citizens.

Do you think we should do that in the US?

I'm torn on this. Seems to me a person should live in the US and become a citizen before being able to buy a house or a building or land, especially since people from overseas come here and push the prices up so that Americans who need to live and work here cannot buy homes or condos (I'm in California), but then restricting the purchase of land is not the American tradition.

What do you think?

What are the arguments pro and con?

How does Trump's idea of a wall differ from the "Iron Curtain" that separated Eastern

and Western Europe for decades?

Trumps' wall would be an even thicker edifice.

The concept is unacceptable.

What keeps people out also keeps people in. The wall would make us less free.

No way should we have a wall between our country and any other country.

I lived not far from the Iron Curtain, and I know what its existence did to the people around it.

Message to Trump from a young woman who left North Korea as a young teenager.


Do you want Bernie supporters to vote for Democrats in November?

Do you think their votes would help put Democratic candidates over the top?

What do you think can be done to persuade them to vote for Democrats?

Would you prefer they a) not vote, or b) vote for third party candidates?
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