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Member since: Fri Nov 17, 2017, 01:36 PM
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Not predicting, but Trump may simply allow the government to shut down or shut it down himself.

This would accomplish a couple of (maybe more) nefarious purposes.

First, it would end the Mueller investigation.

Second, it would put Trump in an emergency situation in charge of the entire government. In other words, it would make of Trump a dictator.

Trump will expect us Democrats and others to go to the streets and scream and yell and demonstrate.

It would be very unwise of us to do that because if we do, he will send the military after us.

I realize that this sounds paranoid and absurd, but it is something that may happen.

If Trump shuts down the government, we need to remember that our government has three branches. We have to let our system work so that we do not make the situation worse than it is.

I hope that this possibility does not occur, but it is a possibility. Anyone familiar with European history knows that this is possible.

At this time, there is no desire on the part of Republicans in Congress to make the compromises that will enable a healthy budget for the coming year. That is the way I see it anyway.

The Republican Party is anti-government, not good-government oriented. They have flirted with shutting down the federal government for many years.

Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. That goes for Republicans and Trump voters.

I hope I am very wrong, and I expect a lot of flack because of my post. Go ahead. Be my guest.

I am just posting this so that IF (and not when) it happens, we will have a roadmap to follow.

No matter how outraged we are, we must stay out of the streets and quietly assemble together in our homes and wait it out. The 30% of Trump supporters have to find out for themselves just how vital community and good government are for their and our well being.

I realize that my advice to stay out of the street runs counter to the advice of some other leaders. But, because of the balance of authority in our government, because of the authority of the judiciary and legislature, I do believe that a Trump takeover could be dealt with peacefully. Remember. Trump did not win the popular vote plurality or majority. The majority of voters will only support him if they think that is the only way restore or preserve order. So it is important that we show that we as citizens will keep the order in spite of Trump.

Trump has to go, but it should not be at the unnecessary cost of American lives.

Many, many Republicans will support a return to order without Trump if we hold together and do not panic.

I hope I am wrong about Trump's and the Republicans' shutting down the government and their plans.

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