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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
October 1, 2023

Tchotchkes at Oktoberfest

Since they don't have vegetables to photograph at oktoberfest I settled on the trinkets and such sold at the carnival outside the tents.
Sorry no upside down moving leg chicken hats....

Supposed to be edible

Flowers for your hair.

Silly hats


Must haves,

October 1, 2023

The new normal is getting worse

This isn't normal, but looks like it will be. Salt water intrusion in the New Orleans water supply. Two years of low rainfall in the Mississippi watershed combined with rising seas means salt water further up the river.

Once aquifers are contaminated it takes a long time to clear out. If ever. Where will they get their water? Take from the river and speed up the process? Spend billions to desalinate?


September 28, 2023

Munich celebrates our anniversary. Cross posted in photography.

Very nice of them to do so. And invite people from around the world.


September 28, 2023

Munich holds a big party for our anniversary

This is mighty nice of them and a lot of fun. Mrs. Crank has put up with me for 29 years, 26 as an honest woman. How she does it I don't know. Some shots of our wedding anniversary at the big party started by Ludwig I when he married Therese back in 1810. The horse racing and jousting have been dropped in the intervening 213 years. But fun is had by a lot of people.

We left shortly after 5pm to meet antoher friend at a quieter venue for dinner.

The man, the myth, the legend. Ludwig von Bayern

Prinzessin Theresse

Call to party

Mr. and Mrs Crank...

Depiction of the old days.

Traditional isn't what it was.

New friends at the table we were at. 4:30 PM

September 23, 2023

Notre Dame de Reims

A little lighter, metaphorically, than the early set of pictures. This cathedral is a bit younger in its current form than Notre Dame de Paris but is larger. It houses over 2,000 statues. Has a labyrinth on part of the floor. We stopped by for a quick visit on the way to Dieppe.
June 2019.

September 23, 2023

Graveyard in Diepe France

For the history buffs. We were driving to England (pre-covid) and chose Diepe as a crossing. When we went on a walk from our hotel we ran into this Canadian Forces graveyard. Operation Jubilee. A test to see how an assault on Europe might go. Over 3,600 dead and injured or captured in 10 hours. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dieppe_Raid
I didn't learn about this in my Canadian history classes.

September 21, 2023

Joys of ageing

My wife found me one of those wrist devices used to monitor heart rate and sleeping (small fitbit).
She got it because this one will respond to certain heart issues.
Well about 5-6 weeks of wearing it up pops a notification for a series of posible AFib events while sleeping. Oh joy. Nothing since now for another 6 weeks. My house doctor has had me on 24 hour heart monitoring and blood pressure monitoring 2 times. Nothing irregular. Some low pulse while sleeping but blood work is clean. Now I'm going to get an implanted heart monitor for 90 plus days. I don't feel any different. But even a few incicences per year can increase your stroke risk. Since my wife knows there is no dodging the doctors.... Nothing but fun.
We will see how this goes. They go under the skin and are the size of fat paperclips.

A doctor friend sent me a research paper on the watch type devices and they are quite accurate for detecting AFib.

Now with the metal in my head and this will I get through the airport security????

September 21, 2023

Bits and pieces

Going threw some pictures and decided to post an old window to the world and fun outdoor art/graffiti

September 18, 2023

Signs from Oktoberfest

We were there on opening day early. Also in the Oidewiesen, traditional area, There were fewer people as many stayed out so they could watch the end of the brewer's parade, if you like Clydesdale horses you need to see the parade, and the official taping of the first keg at noon. These are from signs for different rides and shops.

The women came out to greet me.

Decoration on a 100 year old carousel

Fairy tale ride.

Chicken restaurant

If you have to much bier

September 17, 2023

Old tractors

Oktoberfest started yesterday. We were in a tent with friends at the Oide Wiesen, the old style area. They have adisplay of old operational tractors. Antohe rpart has a Museum with other old things. Here are some close ups of the machinery. The oldest is from 1920.

Better than new

I know what all those thing do... right.

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