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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
May 1, 2023

Digital age updates for old sayings

It is better to keep your fingers off the keyboard and be thought a fool, than to press 'send' and remove all doubt.

May 1, 2023

Pandering picture from Haley

Gets some blowback.

Gotta wave big guns as a GOP to get elected. Even if I have no clue how to hold them.


April 25, 2023

Giotto's Bell Tower, Camponila di Giotto, Firenze.

Photos from the climb up this tower. It is next to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Can't imagine having to climb this as part of your job to ring the bells. I didn't notice any points to have torches along the stairs. I guess if you wanted to augment daylight you carried your own. It is about 60 feet short of the Dome for the cathedral. Every opening has fencing making it a bit annoying to take pictures. More pics than I normally post to the group in one post.

Yes straight up.

Up from the first landing.

Cathedral corner detail

The Dome

Going up.

Bell level.

Fenced in

locks of love.

The Dome

On our way out

April 24, 2023

Streets of Florence

Trying to cull the 5 days of photos from Florence taken last month.
The trouble with digital. Click, click, click.... This doesn't count the phone.
I have to set up some subjects. Here is the first. Some of the narrow streets.

From the other side

Bus for scale. Our hotel was further down this street.

The park at our hotel

April 19, 2023

Canning time, jarring time, is here

The first batch of jam for this year is done. Except for cooling and the labels. Rhubarb ginger jam. Mrs. Crank cleaned off the ladle and the bottom of the pot and declared it a success. Good enough for me.

Next up is pickle relish since an 8 oz jar is 6 bucks here in Munich if you can find it.

April 16, 2023

Poached fish tonight

I was in a bit of a hurry but still decided to try something a little different.
I had some white fish and decided to poach the fillet. But first I took some small carrots and put them in the larger pan for poaching along with some sliced potatoes. I cooked them in a light vegetable broth until just done. They went into a bowl to hold then I put the seasoned fish into the liquid and cooked until done. While the veggies were cooking I made a salad.
The carrots added to the poaching liquid and the cooking broth added flavor to the potatoes.

April 15, 2023

Found an Instagram spot

Florence. I'm getting geared up to fight my way through a huge number of images from 5 days in Florence. The door knockers were a tease. This is from what, unbenounced to us, seems to be an Instagram spot. We stopped to rest up and have a quick beverage but the service was so slow we didn't get the beverage. Saving about $15 for a coffee and tea. But I got a few shots of the people.

April 13, 2023

Digitize print to reprint question

Here is the question.

I have 4 B+W prints on 11X14 paper, picture size 9X12ish. I reasonably sure the negatives were lost/discarded in my recent move.
I decided that I would give the set to the young lady on the flying trapeze if I could find her. Photos summer of 1998. Well I did through an intermediary. Now the problem is that the intermediary gave her 2 pictures that I gave her to the subject as a wedding present and would, if possible like a copy of the show that she produced.

Original images shot with 35 mm Kodak infrared. (info for peopel who like to know data. Nikon FM2, 70-150 f4 Nikkor lens with a flash modified to give light only near infrared zone.) So they are grainy. It is what I wanted. I used to joke about the grain being so large that I could use my rejects as emeryboards...

So what would be a good dpi to scan the prints at so that I could have prints made that will show the grain largely as it is inteh original prints. I have options from one provider of , 1,200, 2,400 and 3,600 dpi. The difference in cost cor the scan isn't very much.

Thanks for any insights.

Pictures of two of the prints; On the prints the back ground is solid black not mottled

April 12, 2023


Picked up a set of close up lenses. Not the best for macro work but handy to have when you are out and about. Will have to think about dragging the tripod along for max results. Flowers from the Rosengarten in Munich. It isn't peak bloom yet. But I did have a sunny day.
Flower names pulled from https://identify.plantnet.org/

Crown Imperial normal lens 18-105 at 105

Star magnolia, plus 2

Plus 2 lens

Normal lens 18-105 at 105

Plus 2

Red tulip of Bologne Plus 2

April 11, 2023

Bologna market

Went into one of the more permanent market areas of bologna.
Here are some of the results.

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