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Currently living in Germany, enjoying the culture, enjoying the food, enjoying the travel. Not enjoying the winters, or the Deutsches lernen...

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Fight for $15

$15 per hour?
Some interesting and shocking data.

$15 per hour is a higher wage amount than 30% of American workers make.
Minimum wages up to 60% of median wages will have NO effect on employment.
This remains the same for minimums up to 80% of the median pay in low-wage regions.
Pushing the minimum wage up to $ 15 in steps over 4 years will raise the median wage and make it easier to boost each step.

Here is the shocking part.

A $15 minimum wage in Mississippi would be 100% of the median wage currently paid to the state’s workers. Currently half the states workers are paid $15 per hour or less. That is $600 a week.

Numbers from The Economist, Jan. 30, 202, Free exchange: the fight over fifteen
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