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Currently living in Germany, enjoying the culture, enjoying the food, enjoying the travel. Not enjoying the winters, or the Deutsches lernen...

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They don't do and have no intention....

of ever doing their jobs.

Parents, especially religious parents are not covering the basics of human sexuality or simple sex education. You can see it in the birth rates for teens in conservative states. You can see it in abortion rates. You can see it in sexually transmitted disease rates. They have fought to keep this information from their children.

Under the guise of religious freedom, they are leaving their children ignorant as to body functions and knowledge. This is a disgrace. They say that families need to have the freedom to teach sex ed to their children. They donít. This is a national plague.

So here is the plan: All high school students will take a sex ed test at the end of their sophomore year. Admittedly this might be too late for some. We could make it freshman year. If they pass, they can opt out of the sex ed classes. If they fail, they have the summer for their parents to teach them the sex ed requirements. The ones who didnít pass get to take the classes. The ones that pass can opt out.

These would be real knowledge classes and tests of that knowledge. Body parts and functions. The sex act and other issues that are needed.
IF the children donít know by the start of their junior year they are unprepared or life.


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