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Old Crank

Profile Information

Name: Ralph
Gender: Male
Current location: München, DE
Member since: Tue Nov 14, 2017, 07:17 AM
Number of posts: 1,021

About Me

Currently living in Germany, enjoying the culture, enjoying the food, enjoying the travel. Not enjoying the winters, or the Deutsches lernen... Born in Canada. Parents moved to Arizona in 1965. Spent 5 years in the USAF and 2 of those on Crete. Lived in Fresno, Las vegas, Sunnyvale, CA.

Journal Archives

File copy/moving question Windows 11

Back in the good old days of Windows Pi (3.16) in File manager you could easily move a batch of files around in the File manager application. This has continued, for me, through Windows 10.
In a folder you could pick a file, then hold the Shift or ctrl key and select a batch of files to move or delete.

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I can't do this in the filefolder application for Win 11.
I can pick individual files and I can pick more files but only one at a time.
This is really annoying since I am deleting 6 months of pictures from my phones chip after I move them to my external harddrive.

There does seem to be an answer that I stubbled on.
In the application with the list of picture files I can Right click on a file. Then I can drag the highlighted area down and highlight more files. Then delete, or move.

Is this the new solution? Why do what used to be standard windows keystrokes work in other programs but not in windows.k

Anyone have a clue?

Time for duck

I make my flour tortillas with duck/goose fat. My wife likes the flavor a bit better than schweinfet.
So I was extremely low and my daughter doesn't like duck of goose too much.
So I roasted a duck to take to the Biergarten with other friends.
I pierced teh skin and let it sit overnight in the fridge rubbed with salt and pepper. Rinsed that off and put onion and garlic in the cavity and coated with Chinese 5 spice. Roasted the first half back side up then turned it over to finish.

Now waiting for our guests to arrive.

How do I know that I live in Bavaria?

A trip to the ER for lower abdominal pain. After poking, prodding and some drip pain meds. Followed by blood and urine tests I get a CT scan. Yup. Kidney stones. Done this before. Didn't like the tshirt.
So since they are small. The doctor gives me some pain meds and prescribes for me to drink 2 liters of Weißier today to flush out the offending partcles. Weißbier. I don't like bier so he said I could have cider instead.

Doing fine right now and will be feeling better soon. Hic.😁

Distractions 08/08/2022 Posted in Photography

Padua, grafitti,


Distractions 08/08/2022

Grafitti. Not a big fan of just tagging places with your 'handle'
Some of these are quite nice. Some thought went into them. Some are mixed media.
Padua, Italy. Perhaps it is because its a University town.

Distractions 07/08/2022 Posted in Photography

Food edition.


Distractions 07/08/2022

Make sure you have eaten.
Food from the market in Padova.

The scene

My wife's fortification, my sugar packets

The big cheese

Artichoke hearts

We got your risotto right here buddy

Salumi fixin's

Really? For self defense? Fight off the birds?

Distractions 06/08/2022 Posted in Photography

Looks like this is the big 1,000 post.
Padua the city next to Venice


Distractions 06/08/2022

Padua, right next to Venice. The best place to stay to visit Venice to cut your overhead. It is a pretty university town also. Doesn't have the maddening hoards. Takes 15 minutes by train to get to Venice. It is also cheap to get there. Trains run often just skip the rush hour.

Got my first tortilla press

Never really needed one before since living in the southwest and CA meant easy access to fresh tortillas.
Here in Germany is a different story. Nothing says traditional tortilla like, Hecho en Schweden, or Lithuania.
One of my wife's friends dragged a cast iron one from Texas. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Do people here have any preference for releasebpaper? Will only be used for flour based on a dietary restriction for corn.
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