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Old Crank

Old Crank's Journal
Old Crank's Journal
December 4, 2023

Alghero, Sardinia

Nice picturesque town on the west coast central of the island. Most of the old fortifications inland were torn down. They got recycled into other buildings. A common fate once that type of fortification wasn't a bennefit.


day's end

December 2, 2023

An information request

I will be having my gallbladder removed soon. This means that I will need to watch my fat intake as a percentage of by overall diet. So sauted pigskin in a lard sauce is out..

Does anyone have some suggestions on places to look for low fat recipes? Doesn't have to be no fat but below 3-5% of the serving size at least until I find out where my stability point will end up.

December 2, 2023

More from the 3rd floor

4th floor for the US readers.
This is our little winter bird feeder. We use small seeds and meal worms. The worms are popular. The larger bird chases away the tits. The tits don't even like me being near the window looking out. Birds were shot through the window with the biggest lens I have, 105mm.
Not the greatest, but you get the feel.

Find the bird

This one causes the tits to flee

Die Kinder

Ah. The big bird is gone.

December 2, 2023

From our window

After 24 hours of snow, 80 cm, 24 inches, here is the view from our kitchen window and balcony.
More snow coming.

December 1, 2023

Yet more Florida crime

Where is Gov. High Heels? Why white color crime needs serious jail time for fraud.


(Reuters) -Novo Nordisk said on Thursday it sued one compounding pharmacy and refiled a lawsuit against another after finding their products claiming to contain the active ingredient for its in-demand weight-loss drug Wegovy were impure, some by as much as 33%.

The Danish drugmaker said it found impurities in all the drugs tested from Wells Pharmacy and Brooksville Pharmaceuticals, both based in Florida. Novo first sued Brooksville in July, and discovered a substance called BPC-157 in samples from Wells.

Both cases were filed in Florida on Wednesday.

Brooksville managing partner Terry Myers said in an email the company disputes the new allegations and plans to file another motion to dismiss. Wells did not respond to a request for comment by email on Thursday.

November 30, 2023

From todays Frank Bruni newsletter.

Since this came in an email I con't link to the original article. I am going to post a few snippets to stay under copywrite restrictions for regular news stories.

The 2024 election cannot be about the price of gas

Which matters more — the easing of inflation or the persistence of prices that many people can’t afford or accept? Low unemployment or high interest rates? Is the intensity of Americans’ bad feelings about the economy a sane response or a senseless funk estranged from their actual financial circumstances?

On such questions may the 2024 election turn, so the litigation of them is no surprise. It’s not just the economy, stupid. It’s the public relations war over it.

But never in my adult lifetime has that battle seemed so agonizingly beside the point, such a distraction from the most important questions before us. In 2024, it’s not the economy. It’s the democracy. It’s the decency. It’s the truth.

I’m not talking about what will influence voters most. I’m talking about what should.

His bastard music is consequential because it’s paired with a “series of plans by Mr. Trump and his allies that would upend core elements of American governance, democracy, foreign policy and the rule of law if he regained the White House,” as Jonathan Swan, Maggie Haberman and Charlie Savage wrote in a recent Times article that all voters should read once, then read again, then commit to memory so they can refer to it constantly. Those plans include the use of military funds for huge detention camps for undocumented immigrants, a Justice Department turned into a personal revenge force and ideological litmus tests for federal employees to ensure maximal sycophancy.

He really nails it.. And it is something that his paper, and most others are glossing over for coverage of the horse race and both sides of 'issues'

November 29, 2023

Nora, Sardinia

As teased in the previous post, here are a few from Nora. This is south of Caligari and has two natural ports. The usual suspects of countries took turns controllling the area starting with the nativ Nugari. Southern Sardinia is sinking intothe Meditereanian so it was larger. There are a number of tiled floors still remaining. The site itself is very large and makes it a good open air museum.

The required seagull picture

It is quite large.

One floor



November 28, 2023

Tarrus, Sardinia

This is from the central west coast of Sardinia, just outside of Oristano.
Ruins from the Nugaic era, then Phonecians, Romas to Spanish. The tower is a Spanish look out tower from around 1500/1600.
Most of the visible ruins are Roman, pretty large complex with 2-3 baths. Ever wonder if they apreciated the view they got from some of these places. Or was it all just utilitarian.

It was windy.

Roman ruins

Roman road

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