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Hometown: Upstate New York
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Sat Nov 11, 2017, 05:16 PM
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Born in New York. Lived in Arizona since 1985.

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Supreme Court rules against Republicans in Virginia dispute over use of race in drawing election map

Source: USA today

WASHINGTON A conservative Supreme Court gave Democrats a major victory over Republicans in Virginia Monday by spurning the GOP's defense of election maps drawn with both racial and partisan overtones.

The justices ruled that the Republican-controlled House of Delegates lacked the authority to challenge a federal district court decision striking down the maps after the state's Democratic attorney general refused to do so.

The decision leaves intact this month's primary elections in Virginia, where voters go to the polls in odd-numbered years to elect state officials. Some races were held in districts redrawn after the district court said Republicans' maps were designed to dilute African Americans' voting strength.

While the high court gave Democrats a victory, it did not take sides on the threshold issue: whether the maps followed or violated the Voting Rights Act, which says minorities must be given a chance to elect lawmakers of their choice. That requires a balancing act: Districts should have enough minority voters but not too many, lest their votes are diluted in surrounding areas.

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/06/17/race-and-politics-supreme-court-rules-virginia-election-districts/1419708001/

I'm having a hard time believing I live in a county where vaping in an airline bathroom gets

you banned from flying for life, but putting children in cages and stealing their medication gets you a presidential nomination.

I was just watching Lawrence. He had Tribe on. They need to just invoke impeachment now.

Trump is already doing what one of the articles of impeachment was for Nixon. Obstructing Congress' authority to investigate, and being in Contempt of Congress. This is about our Country, not politics. The Russians are still at it and if we can't get this under control, it is only going to get worse.

When they bring Mueller before Congress there are only 3 questions to ask:

Putting aside whether you find it CRIMINALLY chargeable:

1) Did your investigation find there was NO evidence of obstruction.

2) Did your investigation find there was NO evidence of conspiracy/coordination with Russia.

3) Did your investigation find there was NO evidence of "collusion."

That is all they need to know.

I have not seen a single republican show their face today, other than Trumps lawyer this morning.

Anyone else see anybody today? I just realized most of them are probably out of town. Probably happy about that.

Just watching Howard Schultz on MSNBC. Had to turn it off.

Sounded like he just came over from Fox News.

Bernie raises 18 million in first quarter.

Woo, hoo.


Bernie Sanders raises 18 million in first quarter.


Poll shows Biden, Sanders and Beto leading with African Americans.

Voters do not seem to care about age, race or gender. Posted this earlier, but seems to have disappeared, wonder why?


New Quinnipiac poll released. Biden, Bernie, Beto lead among African Americans.


Age, race, gender do not seem to matter to voters.
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