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Member since: Thu Nov 9, 2017, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 116

About Me

UAW retiree,lifelong musician, democrat since birth.....

Journal Archives

What the hell is all the pro Trump horse shit that comes up on this site??

Well,I just wrote Joni and Chuck

another nasty letter. I doubt if they eve have enough shame between the two of them to make any difference.

Emailed Ernst and Grassley tonight

Gave them an earful of shame,not sure they're smart enough to listen.

If fox news went under suddenly

I think about 75% of the countries problems would disappear. I can't believe that 40% of the country are dumb enough to believe the bullshit they spew.

Mattis tells Trump he needs congressional approval and gets overruled

Nothing but crickets from the Republican congress,think what would happen if Hillary or Barack would have done that. The impeachment would have started already.

Well, we got rid of one republican weasel in Iowa

Senate majority leader Bill Dix got caught on video kissing a lobbiest in a Des Moines bar and resigned. Good riddance!

The rats are the first to realise that the ship is taking on water

Look at them run..........

Investors just now figured out that Donald Trump is president?

They're a little slow.......just sayin'

Trumps on a roll today

Fucking scary clown, lying carnival barker.I can't believe people are stupid enough to buy his snake oil......

Why does it seem that no one is seriously looking into Devon Nunes?

He acts like he is guilty as hell. He has to be dirty.
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