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Jim Jordan: Chutzpah

You know the old joke about the definition of "chutzpah"==

The man who killed his parents who asks the judge for mercy because he's an orphan.

Well, Congressman Jim Jordan "Freedom Caucus" did that today.

He called for another special counsel to investigate the FBI because, he says, they're obviously corrupt at the top and this is why they are investigating Trump. He pointed to the firing and reassignment of most of the top officials as evidence that something must be rotten in the FBI, else why would they be so bad they were fired?

You remember those guys-- Comey, and all the aides Comey told about Trump's obstruction of justice attempts. IOW, Trump fired/reassigned them to get rid of them and taint them as witnesses, and Jordan uses their firing as evidence that they had it in for Trump-- not that Trump had it in for them.

It's breathtaking. I know I shouldn't say this, but I sure hope law enforcement officers notice how in their worship/coverup of Trump, the GOP is trying to make the FBI the enemy of the US. And they should also notice especially how McCabe and Comey-- not perfect men by any means-- have been treated terribly by Trump and the GOP after spending their adult lives in federal service.


GOP Tom Coleman: The Case for Trump Treason


Tom Coleman, former GOP Congressman and current law professor-
"Under the Constitution an individual commits treason if the nation is at war and the person provides aid and comfort to the enemy. This is an impeachable offense, committed by word or deed. It's one that individuals need to start grappling with seriously because it is not some far-fetched liberal fantasy to conclude that Donald Trump may have committed treason."
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