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"John Barron"-- "I'm, I mean Mr. Trump, is really rich!"

Jonathan Greenberg, on reporting for the Forbes 400 (of richest Americans): In May 1984, an official from the Trump Organization called to tell me how rich Donald J. Trump was."

It was "John Barron." (BTW, what sort of man names his son after his sock puppet?)

Greenberg has tapes (imagine! from 1984!) including one of Roy Cohn. "Trust me!"

Great stuff.
Really, who could possibly vote for this guy? I know, I know, the Trumpettes studiously refuse to read these articles, and when they see/hear the Access Hollywood tape they loyally say, "That doesn't sound like him," even though a moment later someone who LOOKS a whole lot like him walks out of the RV still jabbering in the same voice.
But really. How long can they just ignore all these reports, going back decades?

Another felon in Trumpland-- Trump Official Who Once Went to Prison for Cutting Exs Brake Lines

Trump Official Who Once Went to Prison for Cutting Exs Brake Lines Thinks Parkland May Be an FBI/Pedophile Conspiracy
Kevin Sabo, a former Republican Party official and Interior Department civil servant who was appointed to a political role in the department (hes the acting chief of congressional and legislative affairs for the Bureau of Reclamation)

In 1999, he was convicted in Virginia of attempting to injure his ex-girlfriend by cutting the brake lines on her car with a pair of wire cutters. (The sabotage was successful, but the woman managed to crash the vehicle into a fence without hurting herself or anyone else.)

And he thinks the Parkland kids are an FBI conspiracy.

Seriously, where do they find these people? You would have to look far and wide among resumes to find some guy who cut his girlfriend's brakelines, but they found him!

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