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dawg day

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Speculate: What is Stormy going to reveal about Trump's ... uh, proclivities?

Josh Marshall has been speculating that Stormy will reveal that Trump likes to be, uh, dominated (I think that's what he meant). Does that mean "spanked" or does that mean "dildoed?"

What do you think she's going to reveal about his attributes and predilections?

(Tighty-whiteys, I think she's already mentioned that.)

Barebacking-- refused to use a condom. (the Playboy bunny mentioned that too.)

Reference to Ivanka (ick).

What else? Shape/size of male member?

As silly as this is, we know it's something that could actually have an effect on the base that has ignored everything else.

"Trump? You mean the one in the leather diaper?"

What do you predict?

This is how a president circumvents the Civil Service rules


First, purge civil servants you consider "disloyal" by reassigning them (often across the country), putting them in duties they're overqualified for or not qualified for, or just firing them.

This overloads the "Merit Systems Protection Board, but the board currently has just one member and is unable to hear cases until more are confirmed. As of the end of 2017, the board had the longest backlog of cases in its history, topping more than 750. Two men nominated by President Trump to serve on the board are currently awaiting Senate confirmation."

Then change the law so that civil servants-- always protected from political retaliation-- are "at-will" employees who can be fired "at will".
"The Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency (PAGE) Act would classify all new federal hires as “at-will” employees, meaning they could be “removed or suspended, without notice or right to appeal, from service by the head of the agency at which such employee is employed for good cause, bad cause or no cause at all.”

Trump is so incredibly incompetent at governing, but boy, he sure can figure out ways to screw the country.

Josh Marshall - 60 minutes gets salacious... Trump gets submissive?


"I’m told that in her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper Daniels suggests that Trump, how to say this, likes it when women aren’t nice to him, treat him in perhaps denigrating ways."
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