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Could Georgia go Democratic?

I heard Stacey Abrams on Pod Save America, and what a thoughtful candidate for governor! She is currently the minority leader in the State House and is well known there. She had good insights on the issues, but also on the distinction between "tactics" and "strategy" -- that "saying we are open to compromise" is a tactic, but "getting to compromise" is not a strategy!
Anyway, I was very impressed with her plans for voter registration. She has a project here=

The podcast is here!

If she wins, she will be the first African-American woman governor!

Russian contacted Trump after Obama re-elect, offering help

"Kremlin mouthpiece Konstantin Rykov" posted just before the Trump erection, sorry, election, that he'd started working on electing Trump in 2012. (David O Atkins)

What was our idea with Donald Trump?

For four years and two days .. it was necessary to get to everyone in the brain and grab all possible means of mass perception of reality. Ensure the victory of Donald in the election of the US President. Then create a political alliance between the United States, France, Russia (and a number of other states) and establish a new world order.

Our idea was insane, but realizable.

In order to understand everything for the beginning, it was necessary to “digitize” all possible types of modern man.

Donald decided to invite for this task — the special scientific department of the “Cambridge University.”

British scientists from Cambridge Analytica suggested making 5,000 existing human psychotypes — the “ideal image” of a possible Trump supporter. Then .. put this image back on all psychotypes and thus pick up a universal key to anyone and everyone.

Then it was only necessary to upload this data to information flows and social networks. And we began to look for those who would have coped with this task better than others.

At the very beginning of the brave and romantic [story] was not very much. A pair of hacker groups, civil journalists from WikiLeaks and political strategist Mikhail Kovalev.

The next step was to develop a system for transferring tasks and information, so that no intelligence and NSA could burn it.

This was posted JUST BEFORE the election. Did everyone else see this?
Caveat: Successful spies don't brag. Then again, he's a "propagandist," not a spy.

Rebecca Traister on Hillary Clinton and the complexity of response to a woman good at politics

This is a podcast between Ezra Klein and Rebecca Traister which starts with the sexual harassment issue and moves from that to the perceptions of Hillary Clinton (about minute 40) and her campaign and how she's a "loser" when she won 3 million more votes.

It's all too complex to simplify, but I kept saying, yes, yes, as they go into something that keeps coming up in gender and race issues, that women and people of color are regarded as super-powerful in those moments of protest or action which lift them out of powerlessness.

Also, Traister cannily points out that much of the media/public perception of Clinton might have been formed by the Fox Duo (Ailes and O'Reilly), Mark Halperin (wrote the book about her campaign in 2008), and Donald Trump-- sexual abusers all.

Anyway, I found it really illuminating-- these two have a great conversation that really is a conversation that gets deeper and more insightful because of their interaction.

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