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Member since: Sun Oct 29, 2017, 02:29 PM
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Trump is Done: Manafort Already Gave Mueller 'Blockbuster' Evidence

"Manafort had to deliver some blockbuster, truthful information to get the deal he got.Ē

"Which means that Donald Trump is done. From here itís just a matter of working out the timeline and the details for the end of his presidency."


Why the Manafort Plea Deal Could Bring Down Trump and His Family

"All legal observers who commented after the deal was announced yesterday have said that it is highly significant, even though the exact nature of Manafortís cooperation remains unknown. In other words, we donít know what Manafort knows ó or what Mueller knows. But we can surmise that they both know a lot, and they have the evidence that might ultimately bring down the Trump presidency."


Texas Just Voted to Erase Hillary Clinton From the History Books

On Friday, the Texas Board of Education voted to eliminate Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from the stateís social studies curriculum.

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