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Member since: Wed Oct 25, 2017, 05:31 PM
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Mueller report

I want to believe Mueller did the best he could. That he is honorable and truthful. But, I keep having these nagging thoughts about what we know so far. Either, I just don't understand the legalities or Barr ordered him to stop the investigation or something just isn't right. I believe I read that it wouldn't be fair because trump could not defend himself. ( it all runs together after a while). But trump can defend himself just as well if not better than any of us. Why couldn't Mueller have just recommended that trump be charged. Had he done at least that, we would not be in this dilemma. Why did he not say further investigation required or recommend charges against Kushner and jr. and Ivanka. I would welcome different views so I can try to better understand.

Impeach Barr

Is there enough evidence to impeach Barr while trump investigations are ongoing?

Tribute to Winner of 2016 Presidential Popular Vote

Source: Opinion

If 45 had not cheated to win the Presidency and the popular vote winner instead of electoral college declared Hillary President, there is no way IQ45 could have handled it with the grace and love of country that Hillary did. We would have heard no end of screaming meltdowns, threats of violence, violence, accusations of rigging,endless legal battles and God knows what else. He never would have conceded on his own as Hillary did. He would have tried to destroy the government (like present) and would have been forced to concede with all republicans in congress backing him, totally dividing the country. He wouldn't have given a single thought to dividing the country while calling for civil war.

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How do we know that trumped does not have some control over polls? I find myself questioning everything now. The midterms would seem to suggest a larger percentage of trumped disapproval. Just my opinion.
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