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Maddog Pac's latest Billboard News..NRA & "Impeachment" sign on Maralago route


Here's a thought:
Gwen Graham
Today is Florida's birthday as the 27th state. In 173 years, Florida has never had a mom as our governor. Until 3 years ago, Rhode Island had never had a mom as governor, either. Well, here's a difference that makes:








Thank you MADDOG PAC
Tom Steyer has come on board.





🌏 NPR Article: "Depth Of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed"


Excellect Read:

Depth Of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed

A prominent Kremlin-linked Russian politician has methodically cultivated ties with leaders of the National Rifle Association, and documented efforts in real time over six years to leverage those connections and gain access deeper into American politics, NPR has learned.

Russian politician Alexander Torshin claimed his ties to the National Rifle Association provided him access to Donald Trump — and the opportunity to serve as a foreign election observer in the United States during the 2012 election.

Torshin is a prolific Twitter user, logging nearly 150,000 tweets, mostly in Russian, since his account was created in 2011. Previously obscured by language and by sheer volume of tweets, Torshin has written numerous times about his connections with the NRA, of which he's a known paid lifetime member. NPR has translated a selection of those posts that document Torshin's relationship to the group.

These revelations come amid news that the FBI is investigating whether Torshin, the deputy governor of the Bank of Russia, illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to assist the Trump campaign in 2016, McClatchy reported in January.

In a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate intelligence committee, the NRA denied any wrongdoing and suggested the FBI is investigating Torshin, not the NRA. Neither the NRA nor Torshin responded to inquiries from NPR.

The heat is on the Russian politician, who was alleged by Spanish police to have directed financial transactions for the Russian mob


On his verified Twitter account, Torshin talked about how he knew Donald Trump through the NRA, citing a connection at the group's 2015 convention. Responding to a tweet about comedian Larry David accusing Trump of being a racist, Torshin said he knew the businessman through the NRA, and defended him.


"I saw him in Nashville" in April 2015, Torshin added later, the date and site of the NRA's 2015 convention.
Trump gave a speech at that convention, the outlines of which would become familiar as his stump speech throughout the 2016 presidential campaign.
(The WH has denied ever meeting Torshin)

On Twitter, Torshin portrayed these meetings as more than merely casual encounters. In 2017, he tweeted that he was bringing a gift to then-NRA President Allan Cors, and suggested he was familiar with Cors' hobbies.

January 2017 tweet: "Bought a gift for NRA President Allan Cors. Tanks are his favorite topic!"

Cors is the founder of the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles,
according to its website.

In a public DropBox album that Torshin linked to from his Twitter account, he's seen meeting with former NRA president Jim Porter, as well as former NRA president David Keene.

Russians may have sought to funnel money through the NRA," Schiff said. "It would be negligent of us not to investigate."

Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of research firm Fusion GPS, alluded to Torshin and the NRA during his closed-door testimony before the House intelligence committee in November.

"But I would say broadly speaking, it appears that the Russian operation was designed to infiltrate conservative organizations.
And they targeted various conservative organizations, religious and otherwise, and they seem to have made a very concerted effort to get in with the NRA."

Note the Name Maria Butina in the article.
Here she is & the connection to SOUTH DAKOTA & The NRA

This is a good read, to know how rural America became deeply Red States.

This link tells of South Dakota, Paul Erickson & his influence in defeating Tom Daschle.

"There were a lot of these sort of background operations happening to try to affect the vote that's weren't directly on John Thune's senate campaign, but they were kind of in the shadow background and Paul Erickson was part of that--helping stir up stuff against Senator Daschle, against Tim Johnson and that had Paul Erickson's finger prints all over it," Hildebrand said.

John Thune's office says Erickson did not work on the senator's political campaigns.

But he was behind the Rushmore Policy Council, a group whose sole purpose was to launch a media campaign to defeat Daschle.


Interesting reading while we wait for Mueller's next move.

HEADS UP: Mueller requests judge to unseal portions of transcripts on Manafort/Gates





Best I get from this cliffhanger is This:


Putins Wikileaks Host: Mob Laundromat Funded GOP

Fascinating Read.
Mueller's team & our Allies are on this


Putin’s Wikileaks Host: “Mob Laundromat” Funded GOP

Peter Chayanov, the Russian hacker who gave Wikileaks servers in Moscow a week before the release of the Podesta emails, is directly linked both to the Russian mob “laundromat” that was involved in the Sergei Magnitsky case, and the Russian government’s distribution of funds into the GOP.

The Russian Embassy in the UK, among other official Russian government sites, was quick to challenge both Robert Mueller and US investigative journalists after the early indictments of over a dozen Russians who had catfished unwitting Americans.

Foreign Minister Lavarov: no evidence of Russian state interference in US elections has ever been presented,” they wrote, adding an image of a blackboard with chalk lettering saying “Can you prove it?” with a large question mark.

Here we demonstrate, with sources linked to within the text:

Mr. Chayanov is the CEO of Hostkey, the company that provided Wikileaks its servers in Russia in advance of the Podesta emails release;

Mr. Chayanov partnered with Stephen John Kelly, a man who is directly linked to laundering the Russian taxpayers’ money that Sergei Magnitsky discovered, and for which he was murdered by Vladimir Putin;
… and that Chayanov’s company with Kelly, Optimal Telecom, is directly linked to PAC funding pro-Russian Republican candidates in the United States, according to records on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, including Danny Tarkanian.

Mr. Chayanov, in short, may be regarded as a “one-stop shop” in the matter of Russia’s hacks of America and its money laundered to the GOP.
He is indisputably responsible for assisting Wikileaks, news broken in this blog by Laurelai Bailey, a socialist activist, former U.S. veteran and an original Wikileaker.

Mr. Chayanov’s “Optimal Telecom” Business Partner Helped Embezzle the Magnitsky Money

Records held at Companies House, the official UK registrar of businesses, show that Peter Chayanov and Stephen John Kelly were directors of a company called Optimal Telecom.

Stephen John Kelly is a key name in the pursuit by Bill Browder and Hermitage Capital of the tax refund that Mr. Magnitsky discovered, and which was embezzled by the Russian mafia under the guidance and direction of Vladimir Putin. Public reporting tied Kelly to the murder case of the Russian whistleblower Alexander Perepilichnyy, a Magnitsky witness, found dead in his estate in Surrey, England in 2012.

..linked as a “US partner”, Prioritel LLC was using a .ru internet address, indicating it was Russian. Prioritel LLC shows up in the state of Nevada, where, as is common in money laundering, it links to multiple entities with the same or a similar name.

A managing entity for the company, for example, was “Prioritel Holdings, Inc.”
That shell corporation was managed by one Mr. Frederick Andresen.
Andresen is involved with Alfa Bank, who had a server communicating with Trump Tower

But one representative example of money laundering to the GOP is “Priorities Nevada Inc.”
This little not for profit, related to the first company in Nevada records, was formed in 2015 – when Director Comey testified he first became aware of Russian efforts to influence the election – and dissolved in May 2016, after Trump met and spoke with Sergei Kislyak at the Mayfair hotel.

Why would a non-profit be set up and dissolved so quickly? Because non-profits are subject to a different tax regimen.
Principles included Ciara Matthews, the pro-russian spokesman of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and Amy Tarkanian, the wife of GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian.


WE already know of much of this and many names, how its put together in a timelime & how it all connects makes the picture of how the mob uses the laws to launder money.

Fascinating to read & offers yje greatest respect & gratitude to Mueller & those involved in bringing down the mob.

Interesting how the web of such criminality all connects in the end.

This is exactly what Putin wants: "Trump impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week"

From Jan 14:

From Today:

From CNN Article


(CNN) "President Donald Trump said Thursday his administration will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports next week, a highly controversial move that Trump framed along national security lines.

Trump said the US will impose a 25% tariff on steel imports and 10% tariff on aluminum, capping a fierce, months-long internal debate that divided some of the President's top advisers. Anticipating the move, experts have said the move is likely to invite retaliatory measures from foreign countries.

It was not immediately clear whether Trump would exempt some countries from the tariffs, as his national security advisers have urged him to do to avoid hurting key US allies."

BREAKING: White House pulls top secret clearances from more than 30 staff members


From Bloomberg:

And more comments....

Finally? After a year?

Hearing chatter of "Jared stockpiled classified information for bartering purposes."

There's something going down at the WH.
We are ALL Hoping for: FELONY FRIDAY




Rudy Ghouliani TV Ad for Experian Dark Web Scan


Experian Dark Web Scan TV Commercial, 'Experience' Featuring Rudy Giuliani

"Security Expert Rudy Giuliani warns that cybercriminals are scouring the dark web for people's personal information, including social security numbers and advocates for Experian's Dark Web Scan. Experian monitors the dark web globally so that it can alert customers when if their information is found on the dark web before criminals can act."


I saw this ad last week on a show I was watching.
It gave me the creeps.
Not the product but the actor selling it.

My first thought was, if Ghouliani's selling it, he must be invested in it somehow.

Creepy Rudy & the dark web commercial is a bit of an oxymoron.

In first, prosecution points finger at Netanyahu in Case 4000 bribes


Buying the Media with bribes, to make himself a king.
Does this sound familiar?
Bibi & Dotard. Mobsters of a feather.....

From the Article:


(BEZEQ is the communications giant)

In first, prosecution points finger at Netanyahu in Case 4000 ‘bribes’
PM named in court as alleged beneficiary of illicit deal for 'adulating coverage in return for regulatory benefits' said worth a billion shekels

.. a first official on-record statement implicating him in the so-called Case 4000 corruption investigation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was named Tuesday as one of the people believed to have been involved in bribery as part of an illicit deal with the communications giant Bezeq.

Speaking at a hearing in which Shaul Elovitch and Nir Hefetz — the majority shareholder of Bezeq and a former media adviser for the prime minister, respectively — appealed their continued detention in the case, state prosecutor Yehudit Tirosh of the Israel Securities Authority said that in his role as communications minister, Netanyahu was at the center of “a very grave instance of giving and taking bribes.”

The case involves suspicions that Elovitch ordered the Walla news site, which he owns, to grant positive coverage to Netanyahu and his family in exchange for the prime minister advancing regulations benefiting Elovitch.

Tirosh, arguing before the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, said that “positive coverage is a mild way of putting it.”

“I have no way of properly describing the benefit [he received]. We are talking about enlisting a leading news site to provide adulating coverage in return for regulatory benefits given by the Communications Ministry, the minister of communications and the director-general of the Communications Ministry,” she said.

Netanyahu served as communications minister from November 2014 to February 2017.
During that time, Walla’s coverage notably changed to favor the Netanyahu family, and Bezeq was given permission, among other things, to buy the satellite cable provider Yes, overriding antitrust issues, and to renege on its commitment
to lease out its infrastructure to telecom competitors so they could provide competing fixed line and internet services.

Suspended Communications Ministry director Shlomo Filber, who turned state witness last week and is expected to provide information possibly incriminating Netanyahu
in the probe, had his remand extended by 15 days last Wednesday.


Interesting Challenge to Electorial College coming: Alt-SpicerLies discusses...

She's in the early stages of reporting on this.
If you'd like to follow along, this is what she has so far.
I'm trying to read thru this & links she provides, so if you're up to picking this apart & offering your opinion, where this leads, please join in.
Appreciate you're thoughts on this so far.

As always, She is a head on detailed sleuth, and it becomes a bit legalease & difficult to absorb in one read through.
Looks like lawsuits are from CA, MA, TX & SC.
Here it is.

Her Twitter Link:



Anyone with Legal knowledge who can shed some light for the lay person?
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