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Another prestigious honor for Sec Hillary Clinton/"Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award"


Roosevelt University Honors Hillary Clinton

Fittingly, Hillary Clinton was awarded the inaugural Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award. Eleanor would be proud. Congratulations, Mme. Secretary! Very well-deserved.

Roosevelt University honored Hillary Clinton for her lifetime commitment to social justice with the inaugural Eleanor Roosevelt Social Justice Award on Oct. 30 at the Auditorium Theatre.

Roosevelt University officials, including Board of Trustees Chair Patricia Harris, presented the award on stage at the theatre following Clinton’s public appearance for her book tour and new book, What Happened.

Your life’s work resonates with Eleanor Roosevelt’s statement that ‘We must be able to show people that democracy is not about words, but action,’” Roosevelt University President Ali R. Malekzadeh said in honoring Clinton.

Full Article

RT hated @20committee so much they did a show on it

John Schindler & @20committee

Eric Garland, Claude Taylor, Louise Mensch, Puesto Loco, Countercheckist, Tea Pain Dr Dena Grayson & all who belong to this remarkable team

Louise Mensch

Mini thread. Happy birthday to @20Committee, the best counter-intelligence follow active on Twitter.

Since the days when he exposed #SnowdenOp, John Schindler has been under constant assault on social media by Russia and its assets.

John Schindler @20Committee has been right on Trump Russia again and again. Because he is a world-class counter-intelligence expert.

This week John received a certificate from a #NATO Center of Excellence celebrating his lifetime of unquestioned CI achievement.

Awards from #NATO accredited institutions. Television shows screaming about you from the Russian state. What real expertise CI looks like.

Happy birthday Dr. Schindler. Long may you continue to be a thorn in the side of Vladimir Putin in Russia and his allies over here. Ends.

Earlier this year, @RT_America decided they hated @20Committee so much they literally did a TV show on it

Follow John Schindler @20committee

THIS is why I & so many others, fed up with MSM throught their election propaganda of 2015/16, have sought out intel news elsewhere.

They have world wide sources that MSM can't & won't have access to.
20committee has emerged correct, with far broader reporting & they do so while being under constant attack from their adversaries, Vladimer Putin & his propaganda army.
They source & report what RU doesn't want the world to know as it runs the game of destruction of democracies.

Congrats on your honorable award Mr Schindler & Happy Bday to you.

Your handset can tell if youre standing up, or if youve just lifted your phone off a desk


Your phone can reveal all of your physical activities to Google and the apps you use.

The sensors inside it can monitor, understand and disclose your real-world movements, based on what’s happening to the phone itself.

It can tell, for instance, if you’re standing up, or if you’ve just lifted your phone off a desk, or if you’ve started walking.

An Android permission called “Activity Recognition”, which was discussed on Reddit and highlighted by DuckDuckGo last week, makes it much easier for developers to work out what you’re doing at any one time.

Shazam and SoundHound request the permission, but it isn’t completely clear why.

Though it can prove useful, it also sounds somewhat creepy.

The fact that Google categorises buries it in the "Other" category of permissions and doesn’t let you deny or disable it doesn’t help matters.

MORE at Link

Mike Pence RU ties. (follow along here, there will be NO President Pence)


Coincidentally, Mike Pence's brother Ed is a top executive at Cummins. Here's a deeper dive into Cummins/Russia:

Is Cummins VP Pence’s Motive for Ignoring (Rep Elijah)Cummings’ Warning Re Flynn? Cummins Literally Moves Russia, Including Military; Partners With KAMAZ Owned By Russian Gov Owned-Sanctioned Entities Rostec & Sberbank


This twitter feed lays it out from start to finish, how Pence got to be VP and WHY.

There are 47 tweets with links to read & I won't post them all.

Here it is for those interested:

Here's the 1st set

1/. THREAD: If Paul Manafort and/or Mike Flynn are indicted, what does that mean for Mike Pence?

Continued here:
I knew Pence was dirty but the depth of it is rather stunning.

To think of what we were up against in 2016.
We really were blindsided & never stood a chance.

Pence will not walk away from Mueller's wide net.

Hillary book signing in Winnetka "Hillary promised a great chapter on Russia"


Hillary Clinton in Winnetka

Hillary was back in the state where she was born and raised while the indictment dominated the news along with the surprise guilty plea of former Trump staffer, George Papadopoulos.
Hillary promised a great chapter on Russia. Indeed, it is an important segment in her book.
Oct 30, 2017



Clinton focused on greeting the 1,000 ticket holders who lined up around downtown Winnetka to meet her and present copies of "What Happened" for her to sign.

"I told her she's a role model for our girls," said Rachel Nador, of Evanston, who brought her 11-year-old daughter Naomi Criz to meet Clinton. Criz told the 2016 presidential candidate that she admired her and found her to be a brave person.

"I really wanted my kids to have Hillary Clinton as president, and I'm still upset that's not the case," Nador said.

"I'm here to show Hillary we're still with her, no matter what and always," said Dee Darling of Cary. "She should be our president right now."

Who is Bob Mueller

Tea Pain
Tea Pain

This is the man Fox News and Trumpmaniacs are smearin' and callin' corrupt. Remember when Republicans used to respect our vets?


Donald Trump: "DO SOMETHING!"
Robert Mueller: "OK."

Nite DU

Recent Honors given to Hillary Clinton

*Women's Media Center Declares Hillary Clinton 'Wonder Woman' on her Birthday!

*Hillary Clinton at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner

*Hillary Clinton Inducted into the IWF Hall of Fame

*Clinton Foundation: 76-Ton Airlift of Medicine and Medical Supplies Lands in Puerto Rico
October 28: Day of Infamy
Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton!

*Women's Media Center to Honor Hillary Clinton with Inaugural and Unique "Wonder Woman Award"
Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School


Scroll to bottom page for the long list of Archives to HRC speeches & great deeds over the past years.
Text, Video & many Pics
Well presented.

76-Ton Airlift of Medicine and Medical Supplies Lands in Puerto Rico


Clinton Foundation: 76-Ton Airlift of Medicine and Medical Supplies Lands in Puerto Rico

44 Companies Step Up to Address Severe Shortages

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, October 27, 2017 — Direct Relief today airlifted 152,604 lbs. of urgently needed medical resources to Puerto Rico, where medical shortages persist more than a month after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

The Direct Relief-chartered MD-11 cargo jet contained $21 million (wholesale) in donated medical resources from 44 companies (full list of companies below), including extensive quantities of intravenous solutions and prescription medications for acute conditions and chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that can rapidly become medical emergencies if not managed.

“This airlift will go a long way towards helping our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, and I am eternally grateful to Direct Relief and all of the organizations involved,” said President Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, and founder and board chair of the Clinton Foundation.
“Their efforts are a reminder that when so many people need our help, our common humanity matters even more.”

The Clinton Foundation has supported Direct Relief’s work for years, including the recovery efforts after the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014.
In the response to the Caribbean hurricanes this year, the Clinton Foundation has helped to coordinate and advise the team at Direct Relief. Read a from-the-tarmac report from Clinton Foundation staff on the airlift here.

Much More on the relief efforts in Puerto Rico & the superior organizing skills of Direct Relief & The Clinton Foundation's continued good works around the world.

Good & Inspiring Read

While Trump Burns, Hillary is Honored. Women in Media Awards

Pics & story

Women’s Media Center Declares Hillary Clinton ‘Wonder Woman’ on her Birthday!

At Capitale in New York City tonight, the Women’s Media Center serenaded Hillary Clinton on her 70th birthday and honored her with their one and only “Wonder Woman Award.”
April Ryan, in a respite from combat in the White House Press Room, was among those honored. Best compliments to all the honorees and congratulations to our Wonder Woman!

Great Honor to Hillary, April Ryan & others.

Great Read, Pics & Hillary's empowering speech transcript from Vanity Fair

On her 70th birthday, Hillary Clinton was an honoree at the Women’s Media Awards, becoming the organization’s inaugural recipient of their Wonder Woman Award—and who better to fit the bill?

As Women’s Media Center co-founder Jane Fonda said in her opening remarks, Clinton has for years been changing lives and ensuring that women’s rights are human rights and vice versa.

Over the years, I’ve watched Hillary break glass ceilings and champion women and girls and fight for human rights domestically and internationally by [leading with] compassion and passion and dedication,” Fonda said.
“She has accomplished so much, all in the face of extremely toxic masculinity. She gets down, but she bounces right back,
and that’s never been more true than right now when the person least qualified in history to be president of the United States is president.”

Bill Clinton ✔ @BillClinton
70 has never looked so beautiful. Happy birthday


After Robert Mueller files criminal charges, befuddled Donald Trump tweets “What happened?”

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