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Wwcd's Journal
Wwcd's Journal
August 3, 2018

Manhatten Madam & Roger Stone took down Eliot Spitzer as he took on corrupt pharma companies


Meet the Leader of Eliot Spitzer's Smear Campaign
OCT 13, 2010

From The Atlantic archives:



"Stone had a motive to plant the story because he had been paid to embarrass the governor. First, former NY State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno hired Stone for $20,000/month to take on Spitzer. With Stone's help, Bruno turned everyone's attention away from his own corruption -- using state aircraft and vehicles to go on personal fund-raising trips -- and toward an attack on Spitzer for "spying" on Bruno. (The "spying" consisted of releasing public records of Bruno's state-paid travel.)

In his enthusiasm to take on the Sheriff of Wall Street, Stone left an obscene message, which is included in my new film, Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer, on the voicemail of Spitzer's father. "The voice does sound eerily like me," a smiling Stone told me in an on-camera interview. "


Roger Stone has orchestrated many major smear campaigns ...

From Pres Bill Clinton, Spitzer, Franken & more.
Sexual & sensational smear-to-discredit & destroy, is what Roger Stone was paid to do.
July 31, 2018

CSPAN 1, NOW: Senate Hearing on Reunification of Migrant Families

Sen Durbin just called for Kirsten Nielson's resignation

July 27, 2018

"It's nothing. I'm betting he accidentally hit "DELETE." 27,000 times."

Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you still have your copies of Glenn Greenwald’s 27,000 posts.


Twitter Link Responds to fast-fingers Glen


July 27, 2018

No Shit. "Twitter should be paying us"


Night tweeters go after Bots and the fake accts are soon self deleted.

When power is in the hands of people who work in unity to sieze back their message boards.
One bot at a time.
We Do What We Can

July 26, 2018

ND Grain Growers to Pence: "We can't just store it all -- We don't have the space"


North Dakota agribusinessman tells Pence he can’t sell enough grain


7/25/2018 VP Pence visited Grand Forks, ND

Pence attended a fundraiser at the Hilton Garden Inn for Senate candidate Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D. While at the Hilton, Pence also met privately with agriculture leaders to discuss the $12 billion farm aid program President Donald Trump announced Tuesday.

Rick Burgum, chairman for Arthur Cos., was one of the agriculture leaders who traveled to meet Pence in Grand Forks Wednesday.
The company, owned by members of Gov. Doug Burgum’s family, is involved in several aspects of the ag industry, including grain elevators.

The thing that is at the forefront for anybody that is in production agriculture is getting rid of our crop this fall,” said Burgum, the governor’s first cousin. “It’s not just that the administration is going to throw $12 billion at the farmer, it’s moving the crop.”

Last year, Burgum said his company sold 16 trains of grain last year, adding each train has approximately 110 to 115 cars. This year Burgum has only been able to schedule four deliveries.

“We have no way to sell today more trains,” he said. “And we need to. … We can’t just store it all -- we don’t have the space, we don’t have the money. And we’re typical of every other elevator in the country.”

Burgum agreed with Cramer and Trump that the U.S. needs more fair trade agreements with countries like China.

“But it’s unfortunate we’re trying to fix them all at the same time, with every country,” Burgum said. “Maybe we could do it one at a time. That’s not the way they’re doing it.”

July 26, 2018

Ha! Trump's gonna hate Avenatti even more now!! IOWA WINGDING



AUGUST 10, 2018

The Iowa Democratic Wing Ding is a grassroots fundraiser that directly benefits participating county parties.

The Wing Ding is in its 15th year of operation. It began with just three northern counties, and has grown each year.

Twenty-five Iowa county parties have participated at least once. We have hosted Democrats from all over Iowa and neighboring states.

Our past speakers include Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Alison Lundergan Grimes, Tom Harkin, and many others.

Michael Avenatti will be one of this years guest speakers.


Funds WILL be raised & Iowa will unite BLUE

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