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Senator Feinstein released preliminary findings Russian collusion: May 16/2018

Via Twitter repost Puesto Loco

From May 16 / Press release from Sen Feinstein


Senator Feinstein released preliminary findings Russian collusion

The Committee’s investigation remains incomplete, including review of this meeting. Nonetheless, the following preliminary findings are clear and described in more detail here.

*The Trump campaign was willing to accept Russia’s assistance.

*Top campaign officials Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner accepted the offer of incriminating information on the campaign’s opponent from a hostile foreign government.

*These Trump campaign officials did not report the offer of Russian assistance to proper authorities.

*Top campaign officials made clear their frustration that more damaging information was not produced at the June 9 meeting in Trump Tower.

*Donald Trump Jr. and the White House misled the public about the June 9 meeting with Russians and other campaign contacts with Russia.

Several significant questions remain unanswered about this meeting and the numerous other contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian associates.
To read the preliminary findings of the Senate Judiciary Democrats in full, & To read the appendix of pending requests, (see bottom pg at above link)
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