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ABCNEWS: Cohen likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors in New York as his attorneys leave case


MORE: Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case, sources tell @ABC

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Megyn Kelly could get bumped to the 4th hour of 'Today'

Megyn Kelly could get bumped to the 4th hour of ‘Today’

June 12, 2018
Megyn Kelly may get to sleep in an extra hour. According to inside sources, NBC is considering swapping “Megyn Kelly Today” with the time slot currently occupied by Kathie Lee and Hoda. Kelly’s sluggish ratings reportedly are hurting the fourth hour of the “Today” show.

NBC is starting to think about reshuffling its morning lineup to limit the damage done by struggling “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Sources tell Page Six that network execs are considering moving Megyn Kelly’s show — which has been having a hard time attracting viewers since it debuted in September — an hour later, and bringing Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb’s popular hour of the “Today” show forward by an hour to replace it.

As Page Six reported in October 2017, Gifford and Kotb’s ratings “took a huge hit” after Kelly replaced Tamron Hall and Al Roker’s “Today’s Take” at 9 a.m.

At the time, Kelly was down 32 percent compared to the time slot’s viewership in the previous year.

It’s the smart move,” said an insider of moving Kelly. “At the very least that limits the damage already done to Hoda and Kathie Lee — maybe with a strong lead-in from ‘Today’ at 9 a.m., they’ll even pick up some of the viewers they lost since Megyn went on the air.”


👹 Trump knifed an ally to aid an enemy on the advice of Russia.



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Hey Dotard! Pres Obama Did HIS Summit Better..haa

Cool huh!

Yikes! 2015 - Southwest Key Staff Describe Unusual Tactics


We need to find out who is pocketing the big cash profits from this Govt Contract.

How wealthy have they become?
There's a lot more about this private company that's being hidden.

It appears they have always been in the business of exploiting the most vulnerable for profit.


DECEMBER 14, 2015

Big business

One whistleblower reported last week that the minors in the care of Southwest Key are allowed to call home once a week.

During those calls to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, the minor children often encourage siblings and other family members to arrive at the U.S. Mexico border and specifically request placement in a Southwest Key facility.

Federal policy dictates that minors are not turned away and are quickly processed to a limited extent and then delivered to the shelters across the southwest.

No one knows how many children have died after being lured into travelling north.

However, the “number of children who are caught trying to slip across the U.S.-Mexico border alone and illegally has quietly surged again more than a year after President Obama referred to the problem as an “urgent humanitarian situation,” according to a December 12, 2015 article by Elizabeth Chuck for NBC News.

“More than 10,000 undocumented children have been stopped in just the last two months, according to U.S. Border and Customs Protection,” reports Chuck.

Southwest Key sources report that the shelters are at capacity ensuring that El Presidente’s coffers will remain full.

While Southwest Key has found the pipeline to attract minors, employees are another matter. Without exception, all of the many whistleblowers with whom we met describe their initial excitement with the prospect of helping children who had fled from oppressive poverty, and the feelings of betrayal that led them to flee the oppressive Southwest Key.

One whistleblower explained how they came to understand the organization’s bottom line. “They brain wash us,” said the former employee with a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

They believe that Southwest Key management engages in a systematic beating down of an employee’s self-esteem so that eventually they become more manageable and resistant to questionable practices.

From forcing professional staff to clean toilets, to altering their case notes, staff confidence is slowly eroded. That lack of confidence leads to fear, and fear leads to silence.

“Maintenance people were involved in the same training,” they said. The whistleblower described learning how the program came about, and learned about the mission.

Like wow, they really dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s,” they said. “Whole different story once it started. Whole different story.

The training started and no one got the training that they needed. … it was devastating. I hope I don’t have PTSD because I saw so much that I couldn’t take it anymore.”


🤣 Dotard hates it when someone else at the party is wearing the same outfit

"I hate it when someone else at the party is wearing the same outfit as me. Don't you?"


This is why I have no need to step anywhere outside my Democratic Party.

This right here.

The Putin/Trump Pact of 2013 . We are now in the Coming Out Phase


From the Daily Beast:

March 2018:

From the Guardian

✔Federal Judge blocks Indiana from enforcing 2017 voter purge law


From Reuters Article:
Federal Judge blocks Indiana from enforcing voter purge law


G-7 & Trump's shock jock assholery. "Me and my Putin will go it alone."



"Surprisingly too many dismiss Putins tradecraft which is quite deliberate...Putin activated Snowden who then mind f***the left wing into distrust for US Intel apparatus , The major thorn in the side of any scheme vs USA,Trump/GOP completed his strategy"


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