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6/20 updated. "Hundreds Pack LaGuardia Airport To Support Children Torn From Families At Border"

Not sure if this was posted here yet.


Hundreds Pack LaGuardia Airport To Support Children Torn From Families At Border

The protesters came after an advocacy group reported seeing migrant kids arriving at the New York airport.

Crowds of protesters filled a New York City airport where migrant children who had been separated from their families along the U.S.-Mexico border were reported to be arriving late Wednesday night, carrying their few belongings with them.

The emotional demonstration at LaGuardia Airport in Queens ignited shortly after workers with the immigrant advocacy group Make the Road New York reported seeing several children deplaning around 10 p.m.


Within minutes I saw a group of about four kids that were clearly being escorted out. They were all very small,” he said, estimating the children to be between the ages of 4 and 10.

Barrientos said he had seen other children getting off flights and they enthusiastically stretched their legs and released pent-up energy. These four kids behaved differently.

“They looked very scared, they looked very numb. They were all carrying little plastic bags with the few belongings that they had,” he said. “It just looked like it had maybe a piece of underwear, a T-shirt, a toothbrush ― it was that small of a bag.”

A Worthy Read.
Thanks to groups ready to show support & inform the world at a moments notice.

This is Life inside an ICE Detention Facility:

From "The Democrats"


Devos' Adoption Mill: Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids, MI, has taken in 81 immigrant childr


From the Link:

Documents (2013) for the Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation show that they contributed $250,000 to Bethany Christian Services. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation provided $25,000 to Bethany in 2013.

Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America’s Schools to Build “God’s Kingdom”

Bethany works to find families for children living in orphanages in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Since 1944 Bethany has placed over 50,000 children in Christian homes."

Interested in "adoption"? [click here]


Here's the way Bethany Skirts the Laws

In six months they'll file abandonment petitions on John Doe and Jane Doe.

That's the plan. They have no intention of trying to find, much less uniting parents with their children. It's a radical Christian adoption trafficking mill.

It is reported that Bethany charges $50,000 pr child

MSM needs to get on the DeVos Bethany Christian Services migrant story ASAP before the required wait to label them "abandoned" expires.


Devos' adoption mill: Bethany Christian Services, Grand Rapids, MI, has taken in 81 immigrant children snatched from their parents under the new Trump kidnapping plan. Ask them if they have names & addresses of the parents. I bet they don't. They don't want the names & addresses.


Michael Avenatti " The Movie" (short version)


We will travel this nation far & wide in an effort to locate missing children and reunite them with their mothers. Regardless of how or why they came, they deserved better from America.
Michael Avenatti ~

"Why did Cambridge Analytica have HRC's stolen emails a month before WikiLeaks dumped them online?"


What does the British government know about Trump and Russia?
Many trails in the Mueller inquiry lead straight to the UK


Interesting Read


NY Consular Offices shift into crises mode as search for children begins

Wendy Siegelman Retweeted


Twitter Link
Replies reiterate what we're all saying.
America is appalled & sickened


Peter Thiel's Palantir'/ $4.9 million from ICE on May 30, part of a $39 million contract that began


As soon as Trump was in the WH, good old Pete bought himself a NZ citizenship & headed outta town.

That fker is in this corruption as deep as the rest of the mob.
Wonder how much profit Thiel's scammed from the US taxpayers via Gov Contracts

A reminder...Trump lost, and lost badly today. This was a PR, political, legal, and moral disaster a

Rick Wilson
A reminder...Trump lost, and lost badly today. This was a PR, political, legal, and moral disaster and it's unspeakably awful for him.

Also, Manafort is still in jail, Michael Cohen is ready to squeal, and the dumb spin on the IG report got overtaken by events.

✔National Enquirer Subpoenaed in Michael Cohen Probe


National Enquirer Subpoenaed in Michael Cohen Probe
Prosecutors eye whether company coordinated with ex-Trump lawyer on payment to bury affair allegation


Investigators are probing any potential efforts by Mr. Cohen to suppress damaging information about Mr. Trump during the presidential campaign, including whether he coordinated with American Media to pay Ms. McDougal and then not publish her account, other people familiar with the matter said.

Prosecutors are examining whether the payment violated campaign-finance or other laws, the people said.

American Media hasn’t been accused of wrongdoing, and the company has denied paying Ms. McDougal to suppress her story.

“American Media Inc., has, and will continue to, comply with any and all requests that do not jeopardize or violate its protected sources or materials pursuant to our first amendment rights,” a company spokesman said in an emailed statement.

Karen McDougal has said she had an affair with Donald Trump.
Mr. Trump and his representatives have denied a sexual encounter.

Ms. McDougal has said publicly that she had a nearly yearlong affair with Mr. Trump beginning in 2006. The tactic of paying for a story but not publishing it is known in the tabloid world as “catch and kill,” The Wall Street Journal previously reported.

The company’s chairman and chief executive, David Pecker, has said he is a longtime friend of Messrs. Trump and Cohen, and the Enquirer aggressively supported Mr. Trump’s campaign. Ms. McDougal said in a March lawsuit against the publisher that she realized after the fact the payment was intended to muzzle her during the campaign.

Two months after American Media’s payment to Ms. McDougal, Mr. Cohen wired $130,000 to former adult-film star Stephanie Clifford so she would keep silent about an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump, also in 2006.
That payment occurred 12 days before the presidential election.

Mr. Trump and his representatives have denied he had sexual encounters with Ms. McDougal or Ms. Clifford, who is professionally known as Stormy Daniels. Mr. Trump has acknowledged repaying Mr. Cohen through monthly retainers.
The White House and Mr. Cohen didn’t respond to requests for comment for this article.


I'm Sooo doing this to my teenagers on Thanksgiving


"That awkward moment when an extra bird shows up"

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